Create a Standard Change Request with the Change Management mApp® Solution

Standard Change Requests do not require approval.
Standard Changes have four stages: Classify, Implementation, Review, and Closed.

To create a Standard Change:

  1. Create a Change Request and select Standard from the Change Type drop-down menu.
    A new Change Request is created in Draft status.
  2. Select a Change Model. The Requestor, Change Type, and Reason fields are required.
    When you enter the Change Model, the Title, Description, and Service Affected fields are automatically populated.
  3. Add any Tasks associated with the Change Request.
  4. Once all the change information is entered, select Scheduled.
    The status changes to Scheduled.
  5. Select Next: Begin Work when you are ready to begin implementation tasks.
    The Stage moves to In Progress. You can also place the Change Request on hold.
  6. The Implementation Notes, Actual Start Date, Actual End Date, Close Code, and Close Notes fields are required. Complete all associated Tasks.
  7. After the change is deployed, Select Next: Validate Change.
    The status changes to Validation.
  8. All implementation tasks must be closed before advancing to the next status.
  9. Select Next: CMDB Update.
    After the Change Owner updates the CMDB, check the CMDB Update Complete. check box.
  10. Select Next: Mark as Complete.
    The status changes to Closed.