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Typical Merge Action

Automation Process Definitions Change - Escalate 4 hours after End Date, Change - Notify Problem Owner, Change Approval Notifications, Notify Change Owner of Assignment, Notify Change Team of Assignment Overwrite
Change Request Email Confirmation on Create, Notify Task Owner of In Progress Change Import
Business Objects   Change Request, Change Status, Change Status List Overwrite
Change Model, Change Model Status, Change Request Emergency Subtype, Change Request Normal Classification, Change Request PIR, Change Stage, Change Stage List, Risk, Risk Answer, Risk Questionnaire, Risk Value Import
Change Request Portal Default, Standing CAB Member, Task Don't Change
Counters Change Model ID, Risk Assessment Import
Dashboard Changes Overwrite
Fields Affected Service, Alt 1 Command, Alt 1 Command Name, Alt 1 Status, Alt 1 Status Text, Alt 1 Status Text_de-DE, Alt 1 Status Text_en-US, Alt 1 Status Text_es-ES, Alt 1 Status Text_fr-FR, Alt 1 Status Text_pt-BR, Alt 2 Command, Alt 2 Command Name, Alt 2 Status, Alt 2 Status Text, Alt 2 Status Text_de-DE, Alt 2 Status Text_en-US, Alt 2 Status Text_es-ES, Alt 2 Status Text_fr-FR, Alt 2 Status Text_pt-BR, Answer, Answer 1, Answer 1 Score, Answer 10, Answer 10 Score, Answer 2, Answer 2 Score, Answer 3, Answer 3 Score, Answer 4, Answer 4 Score, Answer 5, Answer 5 Score, Answer 6, Answer 6 Score, Answer 7, Answer 7 Score, Answer 8, Answer 8 Score, Answer 9, Answer 9 Score, Answer_de-DE, Answer_en-US, Answer_es-ES, Answer_fr-FR, Answer_pt-BR, Assigned Team, Backout Plan, CAB Approval Group, Change Already Implemented, Change Model, Change Model ID (Change Model), Change Model ID (Change Request), Change Request ID, Change Stage, Change Stage_de-DE, Change Stage_en-US, Change Stage_es-ES, Change Stage_fr-FR, Change Stage_pt-BR, Change Title, Change Type, (Change Model), Change Type (Change Stage), Classification, Classification_de-DE, Classification_en-US, Classification_es-ES, Classification_fr-FR, Classification_pt-BR, Classify Normal Change, CMDB Update Complete, Created By (Change Model), Created By (Change Stage), Created By (Change Stage List), Created By (Change Risk), Created By (Change Risk Value), Created By ID (Change Model), Created By ID (Change Stage), Created By ID (Change Stage List), Created By ID (Change Risk), Created By ID (Change Risk Value), Created Culture (Change Model), Created Culture (Change Model Status), Created Culture (Change Request), Created Culture (Change Request Emergency Change), Created Culture (Change Request Normal Change), Created Culture (Change Request PIR), Created Culture (Change Stage), Created Culture (Change Stage List), Created Culture (Risk), Created Culture (Risk Answer), Created Culture (Risk Questionnaire), Created Culture (Risk Value), Created Date Time (Change Model), Created Date Time (Change Stage), Created Date Time (Change Stage List), Created Date Time (Change Risk), Created Date Time (Change Risk Value), Date Approved, Description, Description, Emergency Subtype, Implementation Plan, Initial Status, Justification, Last Modified By (Change Model), Last Modified By (Change Stage), Last Modified By (Change Stage List), Last Modified By (Change Risk), Last Modified By (Change Risk Value), Last Modified By ID (Change Model), Last Modified By ID (Change Stage), Last Modified By ID (Change Stage List), Last Modified By ID (Change Risk), Last Modified By ID (Change Risk Value), Last Modified Date Time (Change Request), Last Modified Date Time (Change Model), Last Modified Date Time (Change Stage), Last Modified Date Time (Change Stage List), Last Modified Date Time (Risk), LastModTimeStamp (Risk Value), LastModTimeStamp (Change Model), Name, Next Status, Next Status Command, Next Status Command Name, Next Status Text, Next Status Text_de-DE, Next Status Text_en-US, Next Status Text_es-ES, Next Status Text_fr-FR, Next Status Text_pt-BR, Outage End Date, Outage Start Date, Owned By, Owned By ID, Owned By Team, Owned By Team ID, PIR (Change Request), PIR (Change Request PIR), PIR_de-DE, PIR_en-US, PIR_es-ES, PIR_fr-FR, PIR_pt-BR, Points, Post Change Approver, Question 1 (Risk,) Question 1 (Risk Questionnaire), Question 10 (Risk), Question 10 (Risk Questionnaire), Question 10_de-DE, Question 10_en-US, Question 10_es-ES, Question 10_fr-FR, Question 10_pt-BR, Question 2 (Risk), Question 2 (Risk Questionnaire), Question 2_de-DE, Question 2_en-US, Question 2_es-ES, Question 2_fr-FR, Question 2_pt-BR, Question 3 (Risk), Question 3 (Risk Questionnaire, Question 3_de-DE, Question 3_en-US, Question 3_es-ES, Question 3_fr-FR, Question 3_pt-BR, Question 4 (Risk), Question 4 (Risk Questionnaire), Question 4_de-DE, Question 4_en-US, Question 4_es-ES, Question 4_fr-FR, Question 4_pt-BR, Question 5 (Risk), Question 5 (Risk Questionnaire), Question 5_de-DE, Question 5_en-US, Question 5_es-ES, Question 5_fr-FR, Question 5_pt-BR, Question 6 (Risk), Question 6 (Risk Questionnaire), Question 6_de-DE, Question 6_en-US, Question 6_es-ES, Question 6_fr-FR, Question 6_pt-BR, Question 7 (Risk), Question 7 (Risk Questionnaire), Question 7_de-DE, Question 7_en-US, Question 7_es-ES, Question 7_fr-FR, Question 7_pt-BR, Question 8 (Risk), Question 8 (Risk Questionnaire), Question 8_de-DE, Question 8_en-US, Question 8_es-ES, Question 8_fr-FR, Question 8_pt-BR, Question 9 (Risk), Question 9 (Risk Questionnaire), Question 9_de-DE, Question 9_en-US, Question 9_es-ES, Question 9_fr-FR, Question 9_pt-BR, Question Number, Question1_deDE, Question1_enUS, Question1_esES, Question1_frFR, Question1_ptBR, RecID (Change Request), RecID (Change Model), RecID (Change Model Status), RecID (Change Request Emergency Change), RecID (Change Request Normal Change), RecID (Change Request PIR), RecID (Change Stage), RecID (Change Stage List),RecID (Risk),RecID (Risk Answer), RecID (Risk Questionnaire), RecID (Risk Value), Risk Completed, Risk ID, Risk Type (Risk), Risk Type (Risk Answer), Risk Type (Risk Value), Risk Value (Risk), Risk Value (Risk Value), Risk Value_de-DE, Risk Value_en-US, Risk Value_es-ES, Risk Value_fr-FR, Risk Value_pt-BR, Sort Order, Source Change ID, Source Change Request RecID, Stage (Change Request), Stage (Change Status), Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5, Stage 6, Stage 7, Status (Change Model), Status (Change Model Staus), Status ID, Status Order, Status_de-DE, Status_en-US, Status_es-ES, Status_fr-FR, Status_pt-BR, Submitted By, Submitted Date, Subtypes, Subtypes_de-DE, Subtypes_en-US, Subtypes_es-ES, Subtypes_fr-FR, Subtypes_pt-BR, Total Risk Score, Validation Plan Import
_New CI ID, _Set_Dependency, _Status_Set, _Step_Set, Acceptance Criteria, Actual Cost, Actual End Date, Actual Start Date, Alt 1 Command, Alt 1 Command Name, Alt 1 Status, Alt 1 Status Tex,t Alt 1 Status Text_de-DE, Alt 1 Status Text_en-US, Alt 1 Status Text_es-ES, Alt 1 Status Text_fr-FR, Alt 1 Status Text_pt-BR, Alt 2 Command, Alt 2 Command Name, Alt 2 Status, Alt 2 Status Text, Alt 2 Status Text_de-DE, Alt 2 Status Text_en-US, Alt 2 Status Text_es-ES, Alt 2 Status Text_fr-FR, Alt 2 Status Text_pt-BR, Alternate One Status, Alternate One Status Text, Alternate Second Status Text, Approval Block ID, Approval Lock, Approved By, Approved By ID, Approved Date and Time, Assessment Approved, Assessment Denied, Assigned Team, Assigned Team ID, Assigned To, Assigned To Email, Assigned To ID, Authorization Description, Authorization Level, Back Out Plan, CAB Notes, CAB Reviewed by, CAB Reviewed On, Category, Change ID, Change Status ID, Change Type (Change Request), Change Type (Change Status), CI Calendar Name, Close Code, Close Notes, Cost, Cost Benefit Analysis, Cost Complete, Created By, Created By ID, Created Culture (Change Status), Created Culture (Change Status List), Created Date Time, Critical?, Criticality, Current Step, Current Version, Description (Change Request), Description (Change Status), Dev/Implementation Resource, Duration In Days, Embedded Form Display, Embedded Form Toggle, Emergency Change, Emergency Change Override, Expanded Form, Fast Track?, Feasibility Assessment, Financial Reviewer, Global Issue, Highest Step, Impact, Impact Assessment, Implementation Approved, Implementation Denied, Implementation Notes, Implementation Plan, Justification, Known Error, Last Modified By (Change Request), Last Modified By (Change Status), Last Modified By ID (Change Request), Last Modified By ID (Change Status), Last Modified Date Time, Last Modified Date Time, Last Modified Time Stamp, Next Status (Change Request), Next Status (Change Status), Next Status Command, Next Status Command, Name, Next Status One-Step, Next Status Text (Change Request), Next Status Text (Change Status), Next Status Text_de-DE, Next Status Text_en-US, Next Status Text_es-ES, Next Status Text_fr-FR, Next Status Text_pt-BR, No One-Step, Nominated for Standard Change, Not During Maintenance Window, Order Status, Outage Required?, Parent Public ID, Parent RecID, Parent Type, Percent Complete, Phone, Primary CI Display Name, Primary CI ID, Priority, Proposed End Date, Proposed Start Date, QA Reviewer, Reason, RecID (Change Request), RecID (Change Status) RecID (Change Status List), Rejection Reason, Release ID, Requested Date Time, Requester, Requester Email, Requester ID, Requester Manager, Requester Manager Email, Requester Type, Requires Review, Requires User Testing, Resource Assessment, Review Date, Rework Change Request, Risk, Risk Completed By, Risk Completed Date Time, Risk Number, Risk Text, Security Reviewer, Selected Status, Self Service Emergency, Service Affected, Service Blackout End Date Time, Service Blackout Start Date Time, Service Calendar Name, Service Catalog ID, Service Importance, Short Description, Show of Hands Approval, Standard Approved Items, Standard Template, Status, Status ID, Status Name, Status Name_de-DE, Status Name_en-US, Status Name_es-ES, Status Name_fr-FR, Status Name_pt-BR, Status Order, Status Order, Status_de-DE, Status_en-US, Status_es-ES, Status_fr-FR, Status_pt-BR, Subcategory, Submitted Assess Approval, Submitted Implementation Approval, Support Reviewer, Tab Visibility, Technical Analysis Complete, Technical Reviewer, Tested, Title, Trigger Next Status, Type, Urgency, Visible to Customer Portal, Work Around Exists Overwrite
Forms Change Model, Change Model Normal Emergency, Change Model Overview, Change Model Standard, Change Stage, ChangeModelStatus, ChangeRequestEmergencySubtype, ChangeRequestNormalClassification, ChangeRequestPIR, ChangeStageList, Emergency Change, Normal Change, Risk, Risk Answer, Risk Editable, Risk Questionnaire DE, Risk Questionnaire EN, Risk Questionnaire ES, Risk Questionnaire FR, Risk Questionnaire PT, Risk Questions, Risk Read Only, Risk Value, Standard Change Import
Change, ChangeStatus, ChangeStatusList, StandingCABMember, Task Overwrite
Form Arrangements ChangeModel, RIsk, RiskQuestionnaire Import
Change Overwrite
Grids ChangeModel, ChangeModelStatus, ChangeEmergencySubtype, ChangeRequestNormalClassification, ChangeRequestPIR, ChangeStage, ChangeStageList, Risk, RiskAnswer, RiskQuestion, RiskValue Import
Change, Change-Dashboards-Grids, ChangeStatus, ChangeStatusList, My-Changes-Dashboard-Grid, StandingCAB Member Overwrite
Image Definition right_16_blue_tab Import
Index ChangeModel_ModelName, ChangeRequestEmergencySubtype_Subtypes, PK_ChangeModel, PK_ChangeModelStatus, PK_ChangeRequestEmergencySubtype, PK_ChangeRequestNormalClassification, PK_ChangeRequestPIR, PK_ChangeStage, PK_ChangeStageList, PK_Risk, PK_RiskAnswer, PK_RiskQuestions, PK_RiskValue, Risk_RiskID, Import
Change_ChangeID, ChangeCreatedDT, ChangeOwnedBy, ChangeStatus, ChangeStatus_ChangeStatusID, PK_Change, PK_ChangeStatus, PK_ChangeStatusList, Overwrite
Mergeable Areas Change Request Actions, Change Request Approvals, Risk Actions Overwrite
Relationships Change Links Change Stage, Change Model Links Change Model Status, Change Model Links Standing CAB, Change Request Links Change Model, Change Request Links Initial Status, Change Request Links Services, Change Request Owns Risk, Risk Links Risk Question, Risk Owned By Change Request Import
[Foreign Key] Change Request Links Change Status, Change Links Change Embedded Form, Change links Change Type, Change Links to Status, Change Links to Steps, Change Request links Assessment CAB Members, Change Request Links CAB and ECAB Members, Change Request Links CAB Member, Change Request Links Configuration Items, Change Request links Incident Temp Join Table, Change Request Links Incidents, Change Request Links Problem, Change Request Links Requester Customer, Change Request links Temp Join Table, Change Request Links User Testing, Change Request Links UserInfo, Change Request Owns Approval History, Change Request Owns Approvals, Change Request Owns Cost Items, Change Request Owns Journals, Change Request Owns PIR Questionnaires, Change Request Owns Tasks, Normal Change links to Nominated for Standard Chan Overwrite
One-Step Actions Alt 1 Status, Alt 1 Step from Relationship, Alt 2 Status, Alt 2 Step from Relationship, Assign Team, Cancel Change, Change Request Confirmation, Change Set to In Progress Notify Task Owners, Complete Risk Assessment, Create a Change Model, Draft Emergency Change Next Status, Go to Change Request, Link Service, Link to an Existing Incident, Link to an Existing Problem, Next Status, Set Approval, Set Planning, Set Required Fields, Set Risk Analysis, Standard Change Set to Scheduled, Submit Risk Assessment, Update to New Status, Withdraw Change Request Import
Assign Change to Anyone, Assign to Individual, Assign to Team, Back a Page, Basic Print, Clear Task Dependency, Close Show of Hands Form, CLose Tasks before Review, Complete User Testing, Create Change Review, Create New Task, Create Normal Change from Standard Change, Emergency Change Approved, Emergency Changed Denied, Evaluate Change Request Risk, Impacted CI's Button Actions, Link to Tab, Mark My Approval as Abstained, Mark My Approval as Approved, Mark My Approval as Denied, Next Page, Next Step from Relationship, Nominate for Standard Change, Normal Change Approved, Normal Change Denied, Notify Problem Owner Change is Closed, Notify Owned by Team via E-Mail, Notify Requester, Refresh Change Dependency, Re-Open Change Request, Required Fields, Rework Change Request, Set Approval Lock to True, Set Request Status to Close, Show CAB Approval, Show CAB Denied, Show Info, Show Next Step, Show of Hands CAB, Show Previous Step, Submit Approval, Switch to Expanded View, Switch to Step View, Take Ownership of Change, Update Emergency Override to No, Update Emergency Override to Yes Overwrite
Search Active Change Models, All Change Models, All Changes on Hold, Proposed Change Models, Retired Change Models Import
Active Changes with Linked Incidents or Problems, All Change request Issues, All Changes Being Scheduled, All Changes in Assessment Stage, All Changes In Progress, All Changes in Review, All Changes in Risk Analysis, All Closed Changes, All Denied Changes, All New Changes, All Open Emergency (Unplanned) Changes, All Open Normal Changes, All Scheduled Change Requests, Change Approved Dates, Change Request Date Range for Report, Change Request Gantt Chart Report, Change Requests, Change with Linked CIs, Change with Linked Incidents or Problems, Changes closed on- time Changes, Changes Complete, Changes created within last year, Changes Pending Approval, Changes Requests, Emergency Change, High Risk Changes, My Approved Changes, My Change Approvals, My Change Request needing Approval, My Change Requests by status, My Open Change Requests, My Open Change Requests 30 days, My Open Change Requests this week, My Open Portal Change Requests, My Past Due Changes, My Pending Change approvals, My Teams Open Change Requests, My Total Changes, Normal Changes, Open Change Requests, Open Change Requests Past Scheduled Close Date, Open Changes Not During Maintenance Window, Open Changes with Linked Incidents, Open Changes with Linked Problems, Planned Changes, Portal Completed Change Requests, Standard Change, Team Change Approval, Tentative Changes, Unplanned Changes, Unsubmitted Changes Overwrite
Stored Expressions Current User Member of CAB, Customer - Assigned To Email addresses, Field Lock Background Color, Is Normal Change, Lock Form, Lock Form Color, Next Status Read Only Import
1 Month Ago, 1 Month From Now, 1 Week, 30 Day Window, Approval Lock, Approval Summary Text, Approval Tab Visibility, Approval Visibility, Assessment Approval Visibility, Budget Remaining, CapEx Budget, Change Details Tab Visibility, Change ID, Classify Phase, Criteria to Nominate for Standard Change, Current Date time is Before Schedule End Date?, Custom Expression, Customer E-Mail Ellipse Text, Embedded Form Next Status Trigger, Emergency Change Override Decision, Field Color Lock after Close, Field lock after Approval color change, Field Lock Approval, Field Lock on Assessment Approval, Form Assessment Status Visibility, Form Field Disabled Classify, Form Field Disabled Implement, Form Implementation Status Viability, Hide Create Emergency Change, High Priority Normal Change, Highest Embedded Form Step, Hyperlink to Change Request Cherwell Browser Client, Hyperlink to Change Request Cherwell Portal, Hyperlink to Change Request Cherwell Rich Client, Impact Visibility, Implement Phase, Implementation Approval Viability, Is End date valid against both calendars?, is End date valid against CI calendar, is End date valid against service calendar, Is start date valid against both calendars?, is start date valid against CI calendar, is start date valid against service calendar, Linked Items Tab Visibility, Next Button Visibility, No Approvals Visibility, Normal Tab Visibility, Number 1 Background Color, Number 1 Color, Number 1 Status, Number 2 Background Color, Number 2 Color, Number 2 Status, Number 3 Background Color, Number 3 Color, Number 3 Status, Number 4 Background Color, Number 4 Color, Number 4 Status, Number 5 Background Color, Number 5 Color, Number 5 Status, Number 6 Background Color, Number 6 Color, Number 6 Status, Number Approvals Abstained, Number Approvals Approved, Number Approvals Denied, Number Approvals Waiting, Number Days Remaining 24x7, Number of Open Tasks, OpEx Budget, Phase Assess Approval, Phase Assessing, Phase Classify, Phase Implement, Phase Implement Approval, Phase Pre Implement, Phase Review, Phase Type Standard, Post-Implementation Tab Visibility, Proposed Start Date can't be after Scheduled End Date, Require PIR, Review Phase, Risk Impact, Risk Text Calculation, Schedule Phase, Scheduled End Date can't be before Proposed Start Date, Standard Exception Tab Visibility, Standard Workflow Identify Primary CI Status, Total Budget, Total of Attached Items Release Costs, Total of Cost Items, User E-Mail Ellipse Text, User Testing Tab Visibility, Workflow Assess Status, Workflow Classify Status, Workflow Identify Primary CI Status, Workflow Implement Status, Workflow Review Status, Workflow Schedule Status Overwrite
Stored Values Default Change Type, Incident RecID, Problem RecID, Service Affected Import
Tab Activity, Emergency Change, Normal Change, Risk, Services Affected, Standard Change Import
Approval History, Configuration Items, Current Approvals, Incidents, Journals, Problem, Related Change, Review Questionnaires Overwrite
Widgets Changes Awaiting Approval, Changes on Hold, Changes Pending Approval, High Risk Changes, Open Emergency Changes Import
All Open Change Requests, CD-All Open Changes, CD-Change Request LIfecycle, CD-Change Request LIfecycle Browser, CD-Changes by Category, CD-Open Changes Past Request Date, Changes by Risk Impact, Changes Filter Overwrite
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  • Overwrite: Replace target item.
  • Merge: Merge differences.
  • Don't Change: Referenced by the mApp Solution, but not altered in any way. The mApp Solution includes the definition for informational purposes only (the definition is not imported into the target system).