Change Management mApp Risk Assessment

Use Risk Assessments to assess the risk of Normal and Emergency Change Requests.

Risk Assessments are mandatory for normal changes and optional for emergency changes. The OOTB Risk Assessment includes ten standard questions, but you can edit those if needed.

  • How many users will be impacted by this change?
  • Has this change been implemented before?
  • Is there an impact to revenue if the change fails?
  • How easy would it be to roll back this change if it failed?
  • If there is a failure with the change, can services be restored within the proposed start and end date?
  • Is the change fully documented?
  • How many resources are required for this change?
  • Is the change visible to external customers?
  • Has the change been tested?
  • Could a business service disruption occur if the change implementation does not go as planned?

A risk score of Low, Moderate, High, or Critical is calculated based on the answers.