Creating a Change Management mApp® Solution Change Advisory Board

Select CAB members and assign basic Approval rights.

Use the Change Advisory Board worksheet to help you organize information relating to CAB members. CSM Administrator.

CSM provides three OOTB Approvals for Change, including Emergency Change Implementation Requests, and Normal Change Implementation Approval. Add, edit, or delete Approvals for Change in CSM Administrator.

To define a CAB member:

  1. Select Tools > Table Management.

    By default, you must be a Service Desk Level 2 or higher to view Table Management.

  2. In the Type drop-down menu, select Standing CAB Member.

    The Standing CAB Member grid opens.

  3. In the Select Actions > New in the Browser Client or New in the Desktop Client.

    The Standing CAB Member form opens.

    The following fields are driven by a Lookup Table. If you have security rights, use Table Management (Tools>Table Management) to add, edit, or delete field values.

    1. Click the Change Type drop-down menu, and then select a Change type (example: Normal).
    2. Click the Member Name drop-down menu, and then select a User (example: Andrew).
    3. Click the Role drop-down menu, and then select a role for the User (example: Change Manager).
  4. Click Save.