Configure the API Fields in BeyondTrust

Configure the API Fields in the BeyondTrust console.

This functionality is only available if you have applied the BeyondTrust Remote Support mApp® Solution. For more information, refer to the mApp Solution Tech Notes documentation.
The menu options may vary slightly depending on your BeyondTrust version. Refer to BeyondTrust documentation for further information.

To configure the API Fields in BeyondTrust:

  1. Log in to the BeyondTrust console.
  2. Select the Configuration menu option.
  3. Select Custom Fields on the lower menu bar.
  4. Under API :: Custom Fields, select Create New Field.

    The following Custom Fields must be created:

    Display Name Code Name Show in Rep Console
    External Key external_key Yes
    Type issue issue Yes
  5. Select Add Custom Field.

    The new fields show in the API : Custom Fields grid.

The BeyondTrust setup is complete.