Create a Cloud Record for an Application

Specify the environment for a CloudCenter™ application by associating it with a cloud record.

Apply the Cisco CloudCenter™ mApp® Solution using the Apply mApp Solution wizard and publish the resulting Blueprint, then complete the required configuration procedures in CSM Administrator.

  1. Open your CloudCenter Manager record.
  2. Select the Clouds tab, then do one of the following:
    • Select a cloud record, then click the Go To button to view the record details.
    • Click Create Cloud Record.
  3. Click Get Cloud Options.
  4. In the Select an Available Cloud dialog, click the cloud name, then click OK.
    The Resource ID field is populated.
  5. In the VM Application Name drop-down, select the application to associate with the cloud record.

    Each application must have its own cloud record.

  6. Click Save.