Define Escalation Teams

Use Table Management in the CSM Desktop Client to define escalation Teams.

This functionality is only available if you have applied the Automatic Incident Escalation mApp Solution. For more information, refer to the mApp Solution Tech Notes documentation.

To define escalation Teams:

  1. In the CSM Desktop Client, click Tools>Table Management.
  2. In the Type drop-down, select Incident Subcategory.

    The Incident Subcategory Grid opens.

  3. Click a Service Categorization.
  4. Click the Show Current Record button Show Current Record Button (example: Desktop Management, Computer, Submit Incident).

    The Subcategory Form opens.

    Subcategory Form

    1. Complete the Form:

      You must complete the Subcategory Form for each Service Categorization.

      1. Default Team: Select the default Team for the Incident.
      2. Level 2 Escalation Team: Select the second-level escalation Team.
      3. Level 3 Escalation Team: Select the third-level escalation Team.

        If the Default OLA Team is defined for the Service, the Level 3 Escalation Team field will autopopulate with the Team name when the Service is selected on the Incident Subcategory Form.

  5. Click SaveSave Button.