Enterprise CI Types mApp Solution Items

This table provides a list of Business Objects and associated items that are included when you apply the Enterprise CI Types mApp Solution.

Item Category Item Typical Merge Action
Major Business Objects Configuration Item, Configuration - Database, Configuration - Storage, Configuration - Application Merge
Lookup Tables CI Environment, CI Instance Type Merge
CI Asset Type, CI Status, CI Status List, Configuration Item Type Import data
Dashboards CMDB, Risk Overwrite
Widgets All CIs, Events and CIS by Time Overwrite
Applications in CMDB, Databases in CMDB, Storage Devices in CMDB, New CMDB-Applications in CMDB, New CMDB-Databases in CMDB, New CMDB-Storage Devices in CMDB Import
Stored Queries All Config - Applications, All Config - Database, All Config - Storage Import
Hardware, Hardware with Manufacturer, Software Overwrite
Visualizations Configuration Items Overwrite