Create a Recurring Work Order (Supervisor)

Create a recurring work order from either the CSM Desktop Client or the CSM Browser Client. The steps below are based on the Browser Client.

To create a recurring work order (supervisor):

  1. Log in to the Browser Client to access your Dashboard.
  2. Select New > > New Work Order and enter the work order information in the fields (details, title, description, building code, and cost code). By default, the requestor is the current user, but you can modify this value, if needed (example: The user may be someone who called the help desk to make a request).
  3. Change the Owned by Team value to the team that will handle the work order. By default, the value is Facilities Dispatch.
  4. Select the Equipment tab, and add equipment to the work order. Then select the Link Existing button.
  5. To define the classification structure, specify Recurring Maintenance as the subcategory. All categories must be associated with the Recurring Maintenance subcategory.
  6. Select Schedule Recurring Future Work Orders, and specify schedule frequency, start date for the schedule, and the number of recurring work orders. The appropriate number of linked future work orders is generated.
  7. Select Save to generate the recurring work orders.
  8. After the automation runs, the top of the work order indicates that the work order generation is complete. A new field is checked to indicate this is the master work order, and the work order tab shows the linked future work orders.
  9. Select the Home button to go back to the Dashboard. Recurring work orders for your team will show in the grid if they have a proposed start date less than 30 days from today. This provides planning information without cluttering up the Dashboard with work orders with future dates.