Create a Work Order (User)

Users can open a work order directly from the CSM Portal. Frequently requested items are available for easy categorization.

To create a work order (users):

  1. Log in to the CSM Portal.

    The URL is unique to your organization.

  2. Select a frequently requested item (example: Replace/Fix Lighting, Plumbing Issue, Temperature Control, etc.), or select Browse All Services to select the appropriate category of the issue or request.
    In the following example, the user selected Temperature Control, and a new page opened with fields for entering additional details about the issue. Note that the categorization HVAC-Repair has been applied to the issue.

    Figure:  User Work Order

    User Work Order

  3. Enter information in the fields. Fields with an asterisk are required.
  4. Select Save to complete the work order.
  5. The new work order displays. As it processes, the phases are updated, and the assignee is provided.