Facilities Service Management mApp Solution Items

The Items table provides a list of Business Objects and associated items that are included when applying the Facilities Service Management mApp Solution.

Item Category Item Typical Merge Action
Major Business Objects Contract Links Facilities Building, Contract Links Specifics, Tab (Facilities Building), Specifics Type ID, Work Order, Facilities Building, Facilities, Configuration Item Links Facilities Building, Configuration Item Links Work Order, Configuration Item Links Facilities Building, Configuration Item Links Work Order, Expiration Date, and (HR, FM, IT) Multi-Tennant Fields, Default, Site1, Site2, Site3, Site4, Supplier Service, Supplier Account#, Supplier Rank, Supplier Links Facilities Buildings, Supplier Links Work Orders, Supplier Owns Proposals Overwrite or Import (if not found)
Supporting Business Objects Change Order, Proposal, Facilities - Contract - Lease, Facilities - Contract - Standard, Facilities - Copy Service, Facilities - ID Badge, Facilities - Mail Room Service, Facilities - Research, Facilities - Scanning Service, Facilities - Storage Overwrite or Import (if not found)
Lookup Tables Contract Category, Department Oversight, Facilities Pending Reason, Facilities Status, Facilities COS, Work order type, WorkOrder Priority, WorkOrder Status, CI Light Fixtures, Cost Item Overwrite
Automation Processes Create Scheduled Maint Tasks, Create Scheduled Maint Work Orders, Not Scheduled, Notify Owned By Team Changed - Work Order, Notify Owner Changed - Work Order, WorkOrder - Confirmation Email on Create, WorkOrder-AutoClose Overwrite
Counters Work order ID Overwrite
Dashboards Facilities Dispatch, Facilities Management, Facilities Team Manager, Facilities Tech, Facilities-Service-Catalog, Facilities-V2, Facilities-V2-My Items, Home, IT-V2, Accounting-V2 Overwrite or Import (if not found)
Widgets Numerous Overwrite
Expressions 30 Days, AdminOnly, Fiscal Closed, Greater Than 4 days, Recurring, Resolve by, Respond by, Set Scheduled Status Field, Set ScheduledTasksStatus Field, Total Pending Time, Total Task Cost WO, Total Task Time WO, Total Time, Within 4 days, Work Order Phase, WorkOrderID, PortalLink Overwrite
Group Maps Specifics for Facilities Overwrite
Images Numerous Overwrite
One-Step™ Actions Create Work Order, etc. Overwrite
Search Numerous Overwrite
Site Facilities Overwrite
Stored Values WO-Link to CI - Recurring, Work Order - Link CI Overwrite
Teams PMD Records Management, PMD Grounds, PMD Facilities, PMD Dispatch, PMD Construction Overwrite
Theme Facilities Overwrite