Facilities CSM Portal Self-Service Pages

A facilities-specific CSM Browser Client allows users to quickly request services or report problems in the physical environment. The CSM Portal delivers easy-to-find facilities management requests and information for faster resolutions.

The CSM Portal displays facilities-specific discussions to alert employees of maintenance and building-related issues. The solution also provides access to frequently used selections, and a formatted, dynamic facilities catalog with work order forms with auto-assignment to the facilities fulfillment teams.

Work orders can also be opened in more traditional ways, including inbound email and phone or manual entry.

Organizations can also incorporate facilities and other services into an enterprise CSM Portal, making it convenient for users to request services from a single corporate site to any line of business. Such lines of business can include IT, Human Resources, Business Operations, Printing and Imaging, Marketing, and Accounting.

The home page of the CSM Portal provides access to frequently requested items, open work orders, and a view of the service catalog.

Figure:  Facilities Management Home Page

Facilities Management Service Center page