Security Groups, Roles, and Teams

The Facilities Service Management mApp® Solution provides default security groups and teams to help you get started. Sample roles are also available.

Security Groups

The Facilities Service Management mApp Solution uses security groups to provide access and workflow rights (example: Only users with the Facilities - Dispatch role can close a ticket). Security groups are configured after applying the mApp Solution.

Security groups include:

  • Facilities: Used by managers or other team members who are not dispatch or technician users.
  • Facilities – Dispatch: Receives inbound calls and requests and dispatches work orders to technicians.
  • Facilities – Tech: Fulfills work orders.


Roles determine which default Dashboards appear when users log in to the Facilities Service Management mApp Solution. Specific roles are not included in the mApp Solution, but sample roles are provided in the installation package.

Sample roles include:

  • Dispatch: Receives and sorts work orders
  • Facilities Management: Oversees work orders and projects from a manager perspective
  • Facilities Supervisor: Supervises team and technicians
  • Facilities Tech: Fulfills work orders


The Facilities Service Management mApp Solution provides the following teams, which are available during the team selection process:

  • Facilities Building
  • Facilities Construction
  • Facilities Dispatch
  • Facilities Grounds
  • Facilities Records Management