Create Work Orders

You can create work orders manually on a CSM Dashboard, through the CSM Portal, or by creating an email.

Good to Know

  • In Dashboards (except Management). you can select a button to create a new work order or select New > New Work Order from the CSM menu bar.
  • All new work orders are automatically assigned to the Facilities Dispatch team except for scheduled recurring work orders. By default, the owning team for scheduled recurring work orders is the team of the user who opened the work order.
  • Journals track what occurs during the record's lifecycle, including notes to track progress or comments, history to track important field changes, email correspondence, etc. View or manually add journals by selecting the Journal tab in the record's arrangement.
  • Attachments supplement records by providing additional details in the form of linked/imported files (.pdf, .doc, etc.), images, web pages, and document repositories. View and manage attachments using the Attachment button and Attachments bar.
  • The main pane displays work order information (Requestor Work Order ID, Title, Description, Building Code, Building Name, Location, Cost Code, Proposed Start Date, Target Completion, Priority, Category, Subcategory, and Work Order type).
  • The arrangement dynamically displays linked records that are related to the work order record (Facilities Building, Supplier, Equipment, Proposals, Project, Work Orders, Tasks for time and cost tracking, and Journals).
  • Required fields are often conditional, meaning some are required to save a record, others to change the status of a record, others to close the record, etc. You are reminded when fields are required, either by an asterisk beside the field or a reminder message.
  • Use rich text fields to use formatting and image/screenshots to complement the text. To format the text or embed an image, select the Zoom button .
  • In fields, press F3 to open a Selector window, where you can select a legal value or create a new value.