Form Arrangement

The Form Arrangement displays tabs of child Forms and records such as Items Requested and Purchase Requests.

The following tabs are in the Form Arrangement:

  1. Items Requested: Lists all requested items.
    1. Select Check Stock to search for available stock (CMDB or Inventory) that match the Model number of the product. Select each list item to check stock. Once the check is complete, the list item will change from red to green.
    2. If there is stock available (same Model), the Inventory or CIs display and you can reserve the item and/or purchase, depending on the fit, location, or other details.
    3. If there are no items in stock, you have the option to purchase or cancel. If you select Purchase, the Supplier Catalog items display that match the Model number for the requested item. Preferred suppliers are identified with a True value. The Items for Purchase tab will list the items that are part of the Purchase Request process.

    The process of checking stock, reserving from inventory, and purchasing as needed continues until all items in the Items Requested list are completed (green).

  2. Configuration Items: Lists all CIs reserved for this request. The status of the CI will go from In Stock to Planned. If the request is canceled, the status needs to be manually changed back to In Stock.
  3. Reserved Inventory: Lists all reserved parts by model/site. These reservations will NOT debit from the available parts - this is a manual process as part of receiving.

    Select Remove Inventory if the request is canceled.

  4. Items for Purchase: Lists all items that will go on the Purchase Request.
  5. Purchase Request: When all items have been checked for stock and Items for Purchase have been completed, select Create Purchase Request to create a new Purchase Request record.