Inventory Parts

Inventory is a Group Business Object that stores and tracks non-CI items. Parts is a group member of Inventory.

Inventory can include IT or non-IT related items (example: Logitech Mouse, air compressor filters). Parts are items that are generally not tracked in the CMDB.

As part of the request process, stock is assessed to determine if a purchase is required. Inventory is reviewed for requested parts. The appropriate CIs are reviewed for those that match the request and are in stock.

  • The unique keys for this object are Model (enter the Model number) and Site (use the Location - Site drop-down list).
  • The status of the part is based on the stock level. Set Surplus and Low Stock levels in the Fields.
  • Service Requests that reserve parts are tracked using the Form Arrangement.
  • There is a relationship between the Service Request and the Part/Site. The Requests tab in the Form Arrangement lists the Service Requests.
  • Auto-Reorder automatically initiates a new Purchase Request when the Part stock level goes below the Reorder Threshold. Select the Auto Reorder check box and track the Purchase Request in the Auto Reorder PR tab of the Form Arrangement.