IT Asset Management (ITAM) - Purchase Request through Receiving mApp® Solution Components

The ITAM mApp Solution contains a Dashboard, Product Catalog, Supplier, and Supplier Catalog Items.

  • Dashboard: The Dashboard contains configurable, real-time, at-a-glance information for IT Purchasing. For example, the Dashboard might contain information regarding Purchase Requests (status, pending approval, and auto-renew), Low or Surplus Stock, and Inventory Items at Reorder Level.
  • Product Catalog: The Product Catalog contains Fields that are directly related to the Supplier Catalog Items. These Fields are used to facilitate the Check Stock and Purchasing/Receiving activities of the IT Purchasing solution (example: Container, Container Type, and Manufacturer).
  • Supplier: Use the Supplier Fields for detailed information for the supplier and management (example: Primary Contact, Address, Supplier Category, and Supplier Type).The Supplier relationships are displayed in the Form Arrangement. A few examples are Agreements, Supplier Catalog Items (OOTB relationship, can be removed at your discretion), Underpinning Contracts (direct relationship to the Supplier Object), and Supplier Catalog Items (relationship used with the mApp Solution functionality).
  • Supplier Catalog Items: The following Supplier Catalog Items support the purchasing request and receiving processes.
    • Container and Asset Type: Use the Container drop-down list to identify the Configuration Item (CI) or Inventory. Use the Asset Type drop-down list for a list of valid CI Asset Types (not visible if the Container is Inventory). You can use these Fields to check stock against the appropriate CI or inventory items, or update or create new CIs or inventory during the receiving process.
    • Department: Use the drop-down list to choose the owning department.
    • Preferred Supplier: Select this check box to identify the supplier as preferred. This is visible during the purchasing decision activities.
    • Common Information: This section includes standard item information for hardware, software, and inventory. The Model drop-down list is used in the Product Catalog, CI and Inventory records, and the Supplier Catalog Items. If the Asset Type is Commercial or other software related type, the Model label changes to Software Title.
    • Pricing: Use these Fields for detailed information for CI and Inventory pricing at the item level by supplier.
    • Special Properties: Use these Fields for justification for Energy Star, Environmentally Preferred, and Made in the USA.
    • Form Arrangement: Use the tabs for adding or revising Supplier Catalog Items relationships (example: All Agreements, Supplier, and Underpinning Contract). Underpinning Contract has a direct relationship with Supplier Catalog Items.