IT Project Tracking (ITPT) mApp® Solution Items

The items tables provides a list of items included when applying the mApp® Solution and the typical merge action.

Item Category


Typical Merge Action

Automation Process Definition ITPT Project Approval Process Import
Business Objects Cost Item, Cost Item Category, Department, Incident, Task, Work Item Don't Change
Cost Item - Provisioning Overwrite
Change Request Merge
ITPT Business Case, ITPT Deliverable, ITPT Meeting Minutes, ITPT Meeting Minutes Category, ITPT Meeting Minutes Status, ITPT Member Role, ITPT Portfolio, ITPT Project, ITPT Project Customer, ITPT Project Manager, ITPT Project Team, ITPT Project User, ITPT Risk Issue, ITPT Status, ITPTLinksCI, Phase Set, Phase Set Object Import
Dashboard Project Details Import
Fields Budget Cost, Category, Cost Item Type ID, Cost Item Type Name, Cost Type, Created By, Created By ID, Created Culture, Created Date Time, Details, Frequency, ITPT Project ID, Last Mod Time Stamp, Last Modified By, Last Modified By ID, Last Modified Date Time, Parent RecID, RecID, Status, Total Cost Overwrite
Actual Effort, Actual End Date, Actual Start Date, Alt 1 Command, Alt 1 Command Name, Alt 1 Next Status, Alt 1 Next Status Text, Alt Phase 1 Name, Alt Phase 1 Name_de-DE, Alt Phase 1 Name_en-US, Alt Phase 1 Name_es-ES, Alt Phase 1 Name_fr-FR, Alt Phase 1 Name_pt-BR, Alt Phase 1 Tooltip, Alt Phase 1 Tooltip_de-DE, Alt Phase 1 Tooltip_en-US, Alt Phase 1 Tooltip_es-ES, Alt Phase 1 Tooltip_fr-FR, Alt Phase 1 Tooltip_pt-BR, Alt Phase 2 Name, Alt Phase 2 Name_de-DE, Alt Phase 2 Name_en-US, Alt Phase 2 Name_es-ES, Alt Phase 2 Name_fr-FR, Alt Phase 2 Name_pt-BR, Alt Phase 2 Tooltip, Alt Phase 2 Tooltip_de-DE, Alt Phase 2 Tooltip_en-US, Alt Phase 2 Tooltip_es-ES, Alt Phase 2 Tooltip_fr-FR, Alt Phase 2 Tooltip_pt-BR, Alt Phase 3 Name, Alt Phase 3 Name_de-DE, Alt Phase 3 Name_en-US, Alt Phase 3 Name_es-ES, Alt Phase 3 Name_fr-FR, Alt Phase 3 Name_pt-BR, Alt Phase 3 Tooltip, Alt Phase 3 Tooltip_de-DE, Alt Phase 3 Tooltip_en-US, Alt Phase 3 Tooltip_es-ES, Alt Phase 3 Tooltip_fr-FR, Alt Phase 3 Tooltip_pt-BR, Alt Phase 4 Name, Alt Phase 4 Name_de-DE, Alt Phase 4 Name_en-US, Alt Phase 4 Name_es-ES, Alt Phase 4 Name_fr-FR, Alt Phase 4 Name_pt-BR, Alt Phase 4 Tooltip, Alt Phase 4 Tooltip_de-DE, Alt Phase 4 Tooltip_en-US, Alt Phase 4 Tooltip_es-ES, Alt Phase 4 Tooltip_fr-FR, Alt Phase 4 Tooltip_pt-BR, Alt Phase 5 Name, Alt Phase 5 Name_de-DE, Alt Phase 5 Name_en-US, Alt Phase 5 Name_es-ES, Alt Phase 5 Name_fr-FR, Alt Phase 5 Name_pt-BR, Alt Phase 5 Tooltip, Alt Phase 5 Tooltip_de-DE, Alt Phase 5 Tooltip_en-US, Alt Phase 5 Tooltip_es-ES, Alt Phase 5 Tooltip_fr-FR, Alt Phase 5 Tooltip_pt-BR, Alt Phase 6 Name, Alt Phase 6 Name_de-DE, Alt Phase 6 Name_en-US, Alt Phase 6 Name_es-ES, Alt Phase 6 Name_fr-FR, Alt Phase 6 Name_pt-BR, Alt Phase 6 Tooltip, Alt Phase 6 Tooltip_de-DE, Alt Phase 6 Tooltip_en-US, Alt Phase 6 Tooltip_es-ES, Alt Phase 6 Tooltip_fr-FR, Alt Phase 6 Tooltip_pt-BR, Alt Phase 7 Name, Alt Phase 7 Name_de-DE, Alt Phase 7 Name_en-US, Alt Phase 7 Name_es-ES, Alt Phase 7 Name_fr-FR, Alt Phase 7 Name_pt-BR, Alt Phase 7 Tooltip, Alt Phase 7 Tooltip_de-DE, Alt Phase 7 Tooltip_en-US, Alt Phase 7 Tooltip_es-ES, Alt Phase 7 Tooltip_fr-FR, Alt Phase 7 Tooltip_pt-BR, Alt Phase 8 Name, Alt Phase 8 Name_de-DE, Alt Phase 8 Name_en-US, Alt Phase 8 Name_es-ES, Alt Phase 8 Name_fr-FR, Alt Phase 8 Name_pt-BR, Alt Phase 8 Tooltip, Alt Phase 8 Tooltip_de-DE, Alt Phase 8 Tooltip_en-US, Alt Phase 8 Tooltip_es-ES, Alt Phase 8 Tooltip_fr-FR, Alt Phase 8 Tooltip_pt-BR, Alt 1 Status, Alt 1 Status Text, Alt 2 Command, Alt 2 Command Name, Alt 2 Status, Alt 2 Status, Text Approval Block ID, Approver, Avatar, Ball in Court, Ball in Court Email, Budget, Budget Health, Business Case ID, Business Reasons, CapEx Budget, Category, ChildID, ChildType, Cost Details, Created By, Created By ID, Created Culture, Created Date Time, Customer Accepted, Customer Display Name, Customer ID, Customer Type ID, Department, Deliverables Health, Deliverables ID, Description, Due Date, Effect, Email, End Date, Estimated Effort, First Name, Impact, Issues, ITPT Member Role ID, ITPT Portfolio ID, ITPT Project ID, ITPT Project Manager ID, ITPT Project Member ID, ITPT Project Member User ID, ITPTProjectMemberTypeID, ITPTProjectMemberTypeName, ITPT Risks Issues ID, ITPT Status ID, JoinReason, Last Mod Time Stamp, Last Modified By, Last Modified By ID, Last Modified Date Time, Last Name, LastModTimeStamp, Location, Meeting Minute ID, Name, Next Status, Next Status Command, Next Status Command, Name Next Status One-Step, Next Status Text, No One Step, Notes, Object, Object_de-DE, Object_en-US, Object_es-ES, Object_fr-FR, Object_pt-BR, OpEx Budget, Owned By, Owned By Email, Owned By ID, Owned By Team, Owned By Team ID, ParentID, ParentType, Parent RecID, Phase 1 Name, Phase 1 Name_de-DE, Phase 1 Name_en-US, Phase 1 Name_es-ES, Phase 1 Name_fr-FR, Phase 1 Name_pt-BR, Phase 1 Tooltip, Phase 1 Tooltip_de-DE, Phase 1 Tooltip_en-US, Phase 1 Tooltip_es-ES, Phase 1 Tooltip_fr-FR, Phase 1 Tooltip_pt-BR, Phase 2 Name, Phase 2 Name_de-DE, Phase 2 Name_en-US, Phase 2 Name_es-ES, Phase 2 Name_fr-FR, Phase 2 Name_pt-BR, Phase 2 Tooltip, Phase 2 Tooltip_de-DE, Phase 2 Tooltip_en-US, Phase 2 Tooltip_es-ES, Phase 2 Tooltip_fr-FR, Phase 2 Tooltip_pt-BR, Phase 3 Name, Phase 3 Name_de-DE, Phase 3 Name_en-US, Phase 3 Name_es-ES, Phase 3 Name_fr-FR, Phase 3 Name_pt-BR, Phase 3 Tooltip, Phase 3 Tooltip_de-DE, Phase 3 Tooltip_en-US, Phase 3 Tooltip_es-ES, Phase 3 Tooltip_fr-FR, Phase 3 Tooltip_pt-BR, Phase 4 Name, Phase 4 Name_de-DE, Phase 4 Name_en-US, Phase 4 Name_es-ES, Phase 4 Name_fr-FR, Phase 4 Name_pt-BR, Phase 4 Tooltip, Phase 4 Tooltip_de-DE, Phase 4 Tooltip_en-US, Phase 4 Tooltip_es-ES, Phase 4 Tooltip_fr-FR, Phase 4 Tooltip_pt-BR, Phase 5 Name, Phase 5 Name_de-DE, Phase 5 Name_en-US, Phase 5 Name_es-ES, Phase 5 Name_fr-FR, Phase 5 Name_pt-BR, Phase 5 Tooltip, Phase 5 Tooltip_de-DE, Phase 5 Tooltip_en-US, Phase 5 Tooltip_es-ES, Phase 5 Tooltip_fr-FR, Phase 5 Tooltip_pt-BR, Phase 6 Name, Phase 6 Name_de-DE, Phase 6 Name_en-US, Phase 6 Name_es-ES, Phase 6 Name_fr-FR, Phase 6 Name_pt-BR, Phase 6 Tooltip, Phase 6 Tooltip_de-DE, Phase 6 Tooltip_en-US, Phase 6 Tooltip_es-ES, Phase 6 Tooltip_fr-FR, Phase 6 Tooltip_pt-BR, Phase 7 Name, Phase 7 Name_de-DE, Phase 7 Name_en-US, Phase 7 Name_es-ES, Phase 7 Name_fr-FR, Phase 7 Name_pt-BR, Phase 7 Tooltip, Phase 7 Tooltip_de-DE, Phase 7 Tooltip_en-US, Phase 7 Tooltip_es-ES, Phase 7 Tooltip_fr-FR, Phase 7 Tooltip_pt-BR, Phase 8 Name, Phase 8 Name_de-DE, Phase 8 Name_en-US, Phase 8 Name_es-ES, Phase 8 Name_fr-FR, Phase 8 Name_pt-BR, Phase 8 Tooltip, Phase 8 Tooltip_de-DE, Phase 8 Tooltip_en-US, Phase 8 Tooltip_es-ES, Phase 8 Tooltip_fr-FR, Phase 8 Tooltip_pt-BR, Phone Number, Planned End Date, Planned Start Date, Portfolio ID, Portfolio Manager, Priority, Project Approval, Project Health Update, Project Manager, Project Notification Email, RecID, Requirements, Resource Details, Risk Health, Role, Schedule Health, Selected Status, Start Date, Status, Status Order, temp_status_set, Title, Type, Type_de-DE, Type_en-US, Type_es-ES, Type_fr-FR, Type_pt-BR Import
Forms CostItemProvisioning Overwrite
CostItemCategory, Departments Don't Change
ITPTBusinesCase, ITPTDeliverables, ITPTMeetingMinutes, ITPTMeetingMinutesCategory, ITPTMeetingMinutesStatus, ITPTMemberRole, ITPTPortfolio, ITPTPortfolio Summary, ITPTProject, ITPTProject Overview, ITPTProject Summary, ITPTProjectMemberCustomer 1, ITPTProjectManager, ITPTProjectManager Summary, ITPTProjectMemberUser, ITPTRisksIssues, ITPTStatus, PhaseSet, PhaseSetObject Import
Form Arrangement ITPTProject Import
Grids CostItemProvisioning Overwrite
CostItemCategory, Departments Don't Change
ITPTBusinesCase, ITPTDeliverables, ITPTMeetingMinutes, ITPTMeetingMinutesCategory, ITPTMeetingMinutesStatus, ITPTMemberRole, ITPTPortfolio, ITPTProject, ITPTProjectMemberCustomer 1, ITPTProjectManager, ITPTProjectMember, ITPTProjectMemberUser, ITPTRisksIssues, ITPTStatus, PhaseSet, PhaseSetObject Import
Indexes PK_CostItem Overwrite
Department_DepartmentName, PK_Departments Don't Change

                        BusinesCaseID, PK_ITPTBusinesCase, ITPTDeliverables_DeliverablesID, PK_ITPTDeliverables,
                        MeetingMinuteID, PK_ITPTMeetingMinutes,
                        Category, PK_ITPTMeetingMinutesCategory,
                        ITPTMeetingMinutesStatus_Status, PK_ITPTMeetingMinutesStatus,
                        ITPTMemberRole_MemberRoleID, PK_ITPTMemberRole, ITPTPortfolio_PortfolioID,
                        PK_ITPTPortfolio, ITPTProject_ITPTProjectID, PK_ITPTProject, PK_RecID,
                        ITPTRisksIssues_RisksIssuesID, PK_ITPTRisksIssues, ITPTStatus_StatusID,
                        PK_ITPTStatus, ITPTLinksCI_RecID, PK_ITPTLinksCI, ObjectType, PK_PhaseSet, PK_PhaseSetObject

Mergeable Areas ITPT Project Actions, ITPT Project Approvals Overwrite
One-Step™ Actions Close and Clear Dependencies Overwrite
Dial Customer Phone Don't Change
Alt Step 1 from Relationship, Alt Step 2 from Relationship, Approve Closing, Assign a Task from a Meeting Minute, Assign to a Project Manager, Assign to ANY Individual, Assign to PM, Assign to Team, Await ApprovalCreate, Change, E-mail Customer, Execute Project, Impacted CI's Button Actions, Next Step from Relationship, Notify Task Owners to Update Tasks, Project Approved, Reopen Project, Request Approval, Request Project Task Updates, Request Project Updates, Resume Work, Select a Project Manager (Deprecated), Send a new Meeting Minute notification E-Mail, Send Project Health Update, Take Ownership Import
Relationships Change Links to Project (ITPT), Business Case Owned By Project, Deliverables Owned By Project, Meeting Minutes Owned by Project, Project Links Change, Project Links Configuration Items, Project Links Customer, Project Links Phase Set, Project Links to Portfolio, Project Links to Status, Project Links to UserInfo, Project Owns Approvals, Project Owns Business Case, Project Owns Cost Items, Project Owns Deliverables, Project Owns Group Project Member, Project owns ITPT Customer, Project owns ITPT Project Users, Project Owns Journals - Note, Project Owns Meeting Minutes, Project Owns Project Manager, Project Owns Risks / Issues, Project Owns Tasks, Risks / Issues Owned By Project, Task Owned By Project Import
Search My Open Projects Import
Stored Expressions Max Phases Overwrite
System State E-mail Don't Change
# High Impact Open Risks/Issues, # of Not Accepted Deliverables, # of Open Issues, # of Open Tasks, # of Project Approvers, # of Project Notification Email Recipients, Actual Start Date, All Open Projects, Approval Phase, Budget Health, Budget Remaining, CapEx Budget Closing Phase Deliverable(s) Health, Deliverables Text for Approve Closing, Display # of Open Issues, Execute Phase, High Impact Open Risks/Issues Trigger, Initiation Phase, IT Project Total Budget, IT Project Total Cost, No Actual Effort Entered for Approve Closing, No Actual Effort Entered Text, No Actual End Date Entered for Approve Closing, No Actual End Date Entered Text, Not Accepted Deliverable Text, Not Accepted Deliverables Text > 1, Open Issue Text, Open Issue(s) Text for Approve Closing, Open Issues Text > 1, Open Task(s) Text for Approve Closing, Open Tasks Text Open Tasks Text > 1, OpEx Budget, Project Actual Start Date, Project Check for Closing, Project Health Journal Update, Project Health Update Time Stamp, Project ID, Project Manager Validation, Project Name, Project Planned End Date, Project Status, Risk Health, Schedule Health, Total Budget, Total Cost, Total Customer Accepted Deliverables, Total Deliverables Import
Themes Default Dark, Professional Grey Don't Change
Visualization Configuration Items Don't Change
Widgets CD-Budget Health, CD-Deliverables Health, CD-My Active Projects, CD-My Assigned Projects, CD-My Open Projects, CD-My Projects Awaiting Approval, CD-Risk Health, CD-Schedule Health, Open Projects Overwrite
  • Import: Add new item.
  • Overwrite: Replace target item.
  • Merge: Merge differences.
  • Don't Change: Referenced by the mApp Solution, but not altered in any way. The mApp Solution includes the definition for informational purposes only (the definition is not imported into the target system).