Configure the Ivanti Neurons for Discovery Integration mApp Solution

To configure the Ivanti Neurons for Discovery Integration mApp® Solution, you'll need to populate a RecID, add Stored Values, along with other essential configurations.

Depending on the size of the data you import, you may need to modify some of the number fields on Configuration Items (CIs). For example, you may need to increase the memory fields (Physical Memory and Virtual Memory).

All data imports must contain an External Source ID. This is the method CSM uses to match existing imports to the various CIs.

Follow these procedures to configure the mApp Solution:

  1. Add the Configuration Type RedID Field and Change Control Properties.
  2. Add API Stored Value Parameters.
  3. Publish the Blueprint.
  4. Populate the Configuration Item Type RecID.
  5. Add Config — Not Inventoried Configuration Item Type.
  6. Enable Call Neurons for Discovery API Automation Process.
  7. Set the Import Neurons Assets Schedule.