Ivanti Neurons for Discovery Integration mApp Solution Items

The items table provides a list of items included when you apply the mApp® Solution and the typical merge action.

Item Category Item Typical Merge Action
Action Block NFD Authorization, Set Encryption Key Import
Automation Process definitions Call Neurons for Discovery API Import
Create/Update Proper Configuration Item Overwrite
Business Objects Config - Application, Config - Computer, Config - Database, Config - Mobile Device, Config - Network Device, Config - Other CI, Config - Printer, Config - Server, Config - Software License, Config - Storage, Config - System, Config - Telephony Equipment, Configuration Item Don't Change
Config - Computer, Config - Mobile Device, Config - Network Device, Config - Printer, Config - Server, Configuration Item, Configuration Item Type Merge
Config - Not Inventoried, Neurons for Discovery API Attributes Overwrite
Fields _Link Type, Altitude, Asset Owner, Asset Type, AssetSystemID, Assigned Team, Assigned Team ID, Assigned To, Assigned To ID, Attribute, Auto-Created Incident, Auto-Created Incident ID, Auto-Created Incident Related Event ID, Barcode, BIOS, BIOS Serial Number, BIOS Version, Building Name, Cellular Enabled, Chassis, Config Match ID, Configuration Item Type ID, Configuration Item Type Name, Configuration Item Type RecID, Configuration Type, ContractID, CPU Speed, CPU Type, Created By, Created by, Created By ID, Created by RecID, Created Culture, Created Date Time, Critical, Current Alert, Description, Discovered Status, Discovery Type of Device, Downtime Period Start DateTime, Environment, Event Counter, Event Poke Condition, Exclude From Neurons, External Source, External Source ID, Field, Friendly Name, Host Name, HTTP Result, Inventory Match?, Invmanaged, Invoice Attached, IPv4 Address, IPv6 Address, Last Inventory, Last Modification Time Stamp, Last Modified By, Last Modified by, Last Modified By ID, Last Modified by RecID, Last Modified Date Time, Last Modified Date Time, Last Scan Date, LastDownTime, Latitude, Location ID, Longitude, MAC Address, Machine Domain, Machine ID, Machine Name, Maintenance Calendar, Manufacturer, Match Group, Metermanaged, Model, Number CPUs, Operating System, Operating System Family, Operating System Group, Operating System Service Pack, Operating System Version, Parent RecID, Parent Type, Physical Memory, Platform Type, Primary Use, Primary User Avatar, Primary User Email, Primary User Full Name, Primary User Rec ID, Primary User VIP, Purchase Date, Purchase Price, Purchase Type, RAM, RecID, Selected Status, Serial Number, Services, Site ID, Site Name, SLA ID, SLA Name, Status, Status ID, Status OID, Supplier, Total Downtime this period, User Name, Video Card, Virtual Memory Overwrite
Form arrangement ConfigNotInventoried Overwrite
Forms API Attribute, Not Inventoried, Not Inventoried Overview, Not Inventoried Summary Overwrite
Grids APIAttributes, ConfigNotInventoried Overwrite
Indexes ConfigSoftwareLicense_SoftwareID, ConfigurationItem_AssetTag, ConfigurationItem_FriendlyName, InstalledSoftware_Product, Latitude, Longitude, NeuronsforDiscoveryAPIAttributesIdx0, NeuronsforDiscoveryAPIAttributesIdx1, PK_APIAttributes, PK_ConfigurationItem Overwrite
One-Step™ Actions Collect all Neurons for Discovery Attributes, Create or Update CI, Import Neurons Assets into Config - Not Inventoried, Neurons for Discovery next page Overwrite
Encrypt Client ID and Secret, Generate Nonce, Reassign Asset, Set Encryption Key, Set Type Import
Relationships Config - Not Inventoried Links Configuration Item, Configuration Item Links CI - Not Inventoried Overwrite
Configuration Item Links CI - Not Inventoried Import
Searches All Config - Not Inventoried Import
All Neurons for Discovery Attributes, Neurons for Discovery next page Overwrite
Stored expression CI Type Overwrite
Stored values Attributes Overwrite
Cherwell Encryption Key, NFD Auth URL, NFD Base URL, NFD Client ID, NFD Client Secret, NFD Nonce Import
Tab Overview Overwrite
Widget Not Inventoried in CMDB Import
  • Import: Add new item.
  • Overwrite: Replace target item.
  • Merge: Merge differences.
  • Don't Change: Referenced by the mApp Solution, but not altered in any way. The mApp Solution includes the definition for informational purposes only (the definition is not imported into the target system).