Troubleshoot the Ivanti Neurons for Discovery Integration mApp Solution

Use these solutions to troubleshoot the Ivanti Neurons for Discovery Integration mApp® Solution.

  • During assets import, the import hangs and returns Error Code 0:

    Delete the records in Config —Not Inventoried, and then start the import over. You can either run the One-Step™ Action to re-import manually or let the Scheduler run the import as scheduled. Review the records before you delete in case you want to keep some records or manually assign them to other Configuration Item (CI) types before you start a new import.

  • The One-Step Action times out before the defined number of pages has been reached:

    To check for this error while the One-Step Action runs, occasionally check the Neurons for Discovery Next Page record in the Neurons for Discovery Next Page table (Tools > Current Record Automation Processes) for the following error: Error: problem running Neurons for Discovery Next Page One-Step: Step Goto Http Request exceeded its allotted time. The One-Step Action can only execute for 180 seconds (from the time it's run for the first time) before it times out. To resolve this, try lowering the number of pages to get and follow the recommendation above for the imported records.

API Errors

  • Error: NotFound Not Found

    Solution: Recheck the stored values entries and verify there is no trailing slash on the NFD Base URL.

  • Error: GoneGone

    Solution: The next page URL has expired. Run the API again.

  • Error: Unauthorized

    Solution: Reset the stored value parameters, and then run the encryption One-Step Action again.

  • Error: Timeout

    Solution: Reduce the page import. Set the following parameters:

    • One-Step Action: Import Neuron Assets into Config - Not Inventoried.
    • Step: Set Next Page URL, Debug, and Number of Pages.
    • Variable: Number of Pages to Get.
    • Value: Use a number less than 150.