Ivanti Neurons for Facilities Items

The items table provides a list of items included when you apply Ivanti Neurons for Facilities and the typical merge action.

Item Category Item Typical Merge Action
Automation Processes Create Scheduled Maint Work Order, Not scheduled, Notify Owned By Team Changed - Work Order, Notify Owner Changed - Work Order, WorkOrder - Confirmation Email on Close, WorkOrder - Confirmation Email on Create, WorkOrder-AutoClose Overwrite
Business Objects Area, Area Status, Area Type, Building Status, Change Order, Facilities - Copy Service, Facilities - ID Badge, Facilities - Mail Room Service, Facilities - PPE Supplies, Facilities - Research, Facilities - Scanning Service, Facilities - Storage, Facilities Pending Reason, Floor, Floor Status, Proposal, Site, Site Status, Work Order, Work Order Recurring Type, Work Order Status, Work Order Type Overwrite
Building, Incident Subcategory Merge
CI Status, Config - Computer, Config - Electrical, Config - HVAC, Config - Mobile Device, Config - Network Device, Config - Other CI, Config - Printer, Config - Server, Config - Software License, Config - System, Config - Telephony Equipment, Configuration Item, Service, Specifics Don't Change
Counter Work Order ID Overwrite
Custom View Portal Default Don't Change
Dashboards Facilities, Facilities Dispatch, Facilities Team Manager, Facilities Tech, Facilities-V2-My Items, Global Facilities Overwrite
Fields 1 Sided, 1 Sided to 2 Sided, 2 Sided, 2 staples, Action Command, Action Command Name, Additional Details, Address, Address 2, Already Saved, Alt 1 Command, Alt 1 Command Name, Alt 1 Next Status, Alt 1 Next Status Command, Alt 1 Next Status Text, Alt 1 Status, Alt 1 Status Command Name, Alt 1 Status Text, Alt 1 Status Text_de-DE, Alt 1 Status Text_en-US, Alt 1 Status Text_es-ES, Alt 1 Status Text_fr-FR, Alt 1 Status Text_pt-BR, Alt 2 Command, Alt 2 Command Name, Alt 2 Next Status, Alt 2 Next Status Command, Alt 2 Next Status Text, Alt 2 Status, Alt 2 Status Command Name, Alt 2 Status Text, Alt 2 Status Text_de-DE, Alt 2 Status Text_en-US, Alt 2 Status Text_es-ES, Alt 2 Status Text_fr-FR, Alt 2 Status Text_pt-BR, Antibacterial Spray, Approval, Approval Block ID, Approval Status, Area, Area Access - Open, Area Name, Area Number, Area RecID, Assigned Manager, Assigned Manager Email, Assigned Team, Assigned Team ID, Assigned Team RecID, Assigned To, Assigned to Email, Assigned To ID, Assigned to RecID, Bandage, Billable, Building, Building Access, Building Access - Open, Approved, Building Code, Building Name, Building RecID, Building State, Buildings, Bulk Mailing, Call Source, Campus, Carbonless, Category, Cause Code, CD, City, Closed by, Closed by RecID, Closed Date Time, Closed Description, Collated, Comments, Color of Print, Color Paper, Combed Bind, Comments, Computer Product, Config Item RecID, Config Item Type ID, Contract ID, Cost, Cost Center, Country, Covers, Create PDF, Created by, Created by Email, Created By ID, Created by RecID, Created Culture, Created Culture 2, Created Date Time, Customer, Customer Department, Customer RecID, Customer Type ID, Date Approved or Rejected, Date Submitted, Date Time Closed, Date Time Reopened, Date Time Resolved, Date Time Responded, Days Impacted, Department /Agency, Date, Description, Destruction Notes, Detail, Details, E-Mail, Employee ID of Badge, Employee Name, End by Date Time, Estimated SLA, Execution Complete, Expected Completion Date Time, Face Mask, Facilities Pending Reason ID, Fiscal Completed Date, Floor, Floor Access - Open, Floor Name, Floor Number, Floor RecID, Floor Status, Folded, Gloves, Goggles, Gown, Hand Sanitizer, Hole Punch, Image, Impact, Item, ITPT Project ID, Job Notes, Last Modified by, Last Modified By ID, Last Modified by RecID, Last Modified Date Time, LastModTimeStamp, List of Floor Access, Location, Master Work Order, Module, Multiple Config Items, Name, Name on Badge, Next Status, Next Status Command, Next Status Command Name, Next Status OneStep, Next Status Text, Next Status Text_de-DE, Next Status Text_en-US, Next Status Text_es-ES, Next Status Text_fr-FR, Next Status Text_pt-BR, No One-Step, Notes, Number of Copies, Number of Pages, Orientation, Other Color, Paper Size, Parent RecID, Pending End Date Time, Pending Previous Status, Pending Reason, Pending Start Date Time, Postal Code Zip, Print Back, Print Front, Priority, Project ID, Project Roll Up Cost, Project Roll Up Time, Project Type, Proposed Start Date Time, Reason for Request, RecID, Recurrence Type, Recurring End Date, Recurring Maintenance, Recurring Service, Recurring Type, Region Code, Request Type, Respirator, Retention Notes, Review by Deadline, Sanitization Wipes, Schedule Count, Schedule End Date, Schedule Frequency, Schedule Future Recs, Schedule Increment, Schedule Multiplier, Schedule Next Date, Schedule Next Start Date Based On Close Date, Schedule One Time Date, Schedule Start Date, Schedule Start Date Time, Schedule Total, Schedule Type, ScheduleTasks Status, Selected Status, Service, Service Cart Item RecID, Service Catalog, Service Needed, Service RecID, Shipping, Site, Site Access - Open, Site ID, Site RecID, Software Product, Specific Type ID, Specific Type Name, Specifics, Specifics RecID, Stapled, Start to Finish, stat_DateTime_Closed, stat_DateTime_Reopened, stat_DateTime_Resolved, stat_DateTime_Responded, State, Status, Status_de-DE, Status_en-US, Status_es-ES, Status_fr-FR, Status_pt-BR, Status Description, Status ID, Status Order, Status RecID, Status Text, Site, Site RecID, Stock Type, Subcategory, Subcategory RecID, Supplier RecID, Temp_Assigned Team, Temp_Assigned to, Temp_Comments, Temp_Status Set, Temp_Task Cost, Temp_Task Details, Temp_Task Time, Temp_Task Vendor, Time, Title, Total Pending Time, Total Task Cost, Total Task Time, Type, Urgency, Vendor, Vendor RecID, Work Order Child RecID, Work Order ID, Work Order Parent RecID, Work Order Phase, Work Order RecID, Work Order Type Overwrite
Forms Area, Area Status, Area Type, Building, Building Overview, Building Summary, Building Status, ChangeOrder, Copy Services New, FacilitiesIDBadge New, Facilities Mail Room Service, Facilities - PPE Supplies, Research, Facilities Scanning Service New, FacilitiesStorage, Facilities Pending Reason New, Floor, Floor Status, IncidentSubCategory, Proposal, Site, Site Overview, Site Summary, Site Status, Work Order Summary, Work Order Recurring Type, Work Order Status New, Work Order Type, Work Order Edit Existing, Work Order Portal, Work Order View Only Overwrite
Work Order, Work Order 2 New, Work Order Overview, Work Order Resolution Details Don't Change
Form Arrangements FacilitiesBuilding, Site, WorkOrder Overwrite
Grids Area, Area Status, Area Type, Building, Building Status, ChangeOrder, CopyServices, Facilities Management, FacilitiesPendingReason, FacilitiesPPESupplies, Floor, Floor Status, MailRoomService, Proposal, Research, ScanningService, Site, Site Status, SpecificsIDBadge, Storage, Work Order, Work Order Recurring Type, WorkOrderStatus, WorkOrderType, Work Order Overwrite
Work Order Default Don't Change
Grid Change Persistence _4owHdeCpoQ, _5JyZpXRggCw, DiPJtT7Pr8, J7I9TzqCHg, Konds9ZUexg, QgKbPzBxeMs Don't Change
Group Map Facilities Specifics Overwrite
Image Definitions Bulb120x120, Calendar, Car120x120, Card120x120, Clear, Disc, FacilitiesV2-Clear, ivanti Neurons FSM outlines@1x, Security, Temperature120x120, Wrench120x120 Overwrite
Indexes BuildingStatus_Status, FacilitiesPendingReason_FacilitiesPendingReasonID, PK_Area, PK_AreaStatus, PK_AreaType, PK_BuildingStatus, PK_ChangeOrder, PK_FacilitiesPendingReason, PK_Floor, PK_FloorStatus, PK_Proposal, PK_Site, PK_Specifics, Specifics_ParentId, Specifics_SpecificTypeName, SpecificsEMail_SpecificsEMailID, SpecificsNewComputer_SpecificsNewComputerID Overwrite
Mergeable Area Work Order Actions Overwrite
One-Step™ Actions Add comment, Alt 1 Step from Relationship, AMP FM RepFixLighting, AMP FM RptPlumbingIssue, AMP FM RptRoofLeaks, AMP FM TempControlIssue, Approval, Approved, Assign to Any User, Assign to Individual, Assign to Me, Assign to Team, Assign to Team/User, Assignment, Building Access, Check Increment, Clear Classifications, Close Work Order, Complete Work Order, Create Facilities Work Order, Create New Building, Create One Time SM Rec, Create WorkOrder, Denied, Display-DateTime-Info, Email Customer On Close, Email Customer On Create, Email Team Owner when Assigned, Email Team when Assigned, Email Work Order Assignee, FM Card Access, FM CardAccess, FM Parking Issues, FM Parking Issues WO, FM Plumbing Repair, FM Portal Fix Lighting, FM TempControl Issue, Follow up with Requester, Generate first Scheduled Work Order - Finish to Start, Generate Scheduled Work Orders - By Scheduled Start, Generate Scheduled Work Orders - By Scheduled Start Daily, Generate Scheduled Work Orders - By Scheduled Start Hourly, Generate Scheduled Work Orders - On Completed Date, Generate Work Order Tasks, Go to project, Location Details, Next Step from Relationship, Open or Close Area, Open or Close Building, Open or Close Floors, Open or Close Site, owner assignment, Print, Project set to pending, Remove from Pending, Reopen Work Order, Reset Tasks, Reset WO, Resolve Work Order, save, Save and go home, Set- Already -Saved, Set Pending, Set Saved Flag, Set Site to Inactive, Set Status to Assigned, Set to Pending, Start Work In Progress, Submit via Portal, Submit Work Order, Take Ownership, Team Assignment, Track Task Cost Against WO, Track Task Time Against WO, Update project, update project c/t, Update Track Task Cost Against WO, Update Track Task Time Against WO, Update Work Order Status, Update WorkOrder Status, WO Approval, Work Complete Overwrite
Relationships Area Links Floor, Area Owned by Building, Area Owned By Work Orders, Building Owns Area, Building Owns Floor, Facilities Building Links Work Orders, Change Order Owned By Work Order, Configuration Item Links Work Order, Floor Links Area, Floor Owned by Building, Floor Owned By Work Orders, Proposal Owned By Work Order, Site Links Buildings, Site Links Owned By, Site Links Status, Work Order Links Building, Work Order Links Child Work Order, Work Order Links Configuration Item, Work Order Links Customer, Work Order Links Incident SubCategory, Work Order Links Service, Work Order Links Site, Work Order links to Status, Work Order Owns Approval, Work Order Owns Areas, Work Order Owns Change Order, Work Order Owns Floors, Work Order Owns Journals, Work Order Owns Journals NOTES1, Work Order Owns Proposal, Work Order Owns Specifics, Work Order Owns Work Item Overwrite
Configuration Item Links Work Order Import
Roles Dispatch, Facilites Management, Facilities Supervisor, Facilities Tech Overwrite
Scheduled Item Definitions Create Recurring Work Orders, Create Recurring Work Orders Daily, Create Recurring Work Orders Hourly Overwrite
Search All Buildings, All Open Work Orders, All Sites, All Work Orders, By Category, Copy of My Work Orders, Date Range, Manager - My Teams unassigned Work Orders, My Closed Work Orders, My Open Work Orders, My Teams Open Work Orders, My Teams unassigned Work Orders, My Teams Unread Journals, My Teams Work Orders Due in 30 Days, My Work Orders, My Work Orders- past Due date, Open VIP Work Orders, Open WO non recurring, Open Work Orders, Open Work Orders by Region, Overdue Work Orders, Portal View My Closed Work Orders, Portal View My Open Work Orders, Recurring Creation Work Orders, Recurring Creation Work Orders Daily, Recurring Creation Work Orders Hourly, Reopened Work Orders, Report - Date/Time Division, State, Team Manager - Team tickets, Total Unowned, Total VIP Work Orders, Total Work Orders, UnOwned Work Orders, Work Complete, Work Orders No Team Overwrite
Security Groups Facilities, Facilities Dispatch, Facilities Tech Overwrite
Site Facilities Overwrite
Stored Expressions 10 days, 30 days, AdminOnly, Assigned, AssignedCircleColor, Building Address, Closed, ClosedCircleColor, Continue Recurring WO Creation or Stop., Continue Recurring WO Creation or Stop.- Scheduled Start, Fiscal Closed, Greater than 4 days, InProgress, InProgressCircleColor, Next Start Date - Based On Scheduled Start, Next Start Date - Based on Start to Start, Portal Link, Recurring, Resolve by, Respond by, Set Scheduled Status Field, Set ScheduledTasksStatus Field, Total Pending Time, Total Task Cost WO, Total Task Time WO, Total Time, Within 4 days, Work Complete, Work Order Phase, WorkCompleteCircleColor, WorkOrderID Overwrite
Stored Values Recurring End Date, WO ID - Task, WO ID - Task cost, WO-Link To -CI -Recurring, Work Order -link CI, Work Order RecID Overwrite
Tabs Areas, Floors, Overview, Site, Buildings (0), Overview, Approvals (0), Areas, Building, Change Orders (0), Configuration Items (0), Floors, Journals, Overview, Proposals (0), Site, Tasks (0), WO Resolution, Work Orders (0), Additional Information, Journals, Resolution Details Overwrite
Teams Facilities Building, Facilities Construction, Facilities Dispatch, Facilities Grounds, Facilities Records Management Overwrite
Themes Facilities, Ivanti Overwrite
Widgets Active Work Orders by Team, Area Access, Building Access, Daily Work Order by Category, Daily Work Order by Site, Date Filter - 30 day default, Default Search Menu, Facilities Default Search Menu, Floor Access, Knowledge Article Search, Knowledge Articles with Like Counts, Manager - My Open Work Orders, Manager - Teams Open Work Orders, Manager - Unowned Work Orders, Mobile Work Orders by Team Member, My Closed Work Orders, My Items Filter, My Open Work Orders, My Open Work Orders-, My Open Work Orders by Subcategory, My Open Work Orders Count, My Team Recurring Work Orders - Supervisors, My Teams Open Work Orders, My Teams WO Tasks, My Teams Work Orders, My Teams Work Orders by Priority, Person Work Load, Self Service Searches with Knowledge, Service Catalog-Facilities, Site Access, Site Filter, Team Workload, Total VIP Work Orders, Total Work Orders, Unassigned Work Orders, Unassigned Work Orders-Total, Unowned Work Orders, Unread Email Journals, Work Complete, Work Order by Category, Work Order by Subcategory, Work Order No Team, Work Orders by Priority, Work Orders by Team Member, Work Orders Owned by Me, Work Orders Unowned Overwrite