Work Orders

Teams and individuals can receive Work Orders assigned to them through a browser, personal computer, tablet, or smart phone. They can update Work Orders and indicate when activities are completed from any of these devices.

The Work Order is its own Business Object, allowing facilities-based processes to follow their own workflow.

In addition:

  • Work Orders capture critical information, including building and facilities specific categorization.
  • Assignment to facilities and property management teams automatically track time, labor, and material costs that are associated with the work effort.
  • You can attach invoices or other documentation directly to Work Orders.
  • Links to the project, building, and equipment provide a complete view of the costs and impact of the work performed.
  • Recurring Work Orders can be automated for pre-scheduled work based on selected frequency and start date.
  • Specifics forms include:
    • Facilities - ID Badge
    • Facilities - PPE Supplies

Recurring Work Orders

Recurring Work Orders are scheduled during the Work Order process. When the Recurring Grounds Maintenance or Facilities Recurring Maintenance subcategories are selected on the master Work Order, users can automatically schedule future Work Orders. After you select a schedule (recurrence type, ending, frequency, and start date), related Work Orders that will be processed in the future are automatically generated, with the Assigned Team and other key fields brought over from the master Work Order. Future Work Orders are presented in a dashboard grid based on their proposed start dates.