Request a vRealize® Virtual Machine in the Customer Portal

Use the Customer Portal to request a vRealize® virtual machine.

This functionality is only available if you have applied the Orchestration Pack for VMWare vRealize® Automation™. For more information, refer to the mApp Solution Tech Notes documentation.

To request a virtual machine in the Customer Portal:

  1. Navigate to http://server/CherwellPortal where server is the location where the CSM Browser applications are installed.
  2. Log in to the Portal:
    1. Click the Click to login link to log in to the Portal Site.
    2. Provide login credentials (User Name and Password) for a User who has rights to access the Customer Portal.
    3. Click Sign-in.
  3. In the Customer Service Portal toolbar, click Service Catalog.

    The Service Catalog page opens.

    1. In the Cloud Services>Virtual Machines (VM) section, click the Request VM Service.

      The Request VM form opens.

      vRealize Portal VM Request Form

    2. Complete the Request VM Specifics Form.
    3. Click the Add to Cart button.

      The Service Request displays on the My Service Orders page in the Services Ordered section.

      vRealize Service Order Page (Portal)

    4. Click the Submit Order button.
    5. Click OK to confirm the order.

      After the order is confirmed, the Service Request is assigned to the default Team (if defined) and fulfilled using the CSM Desktop Client.

  4. View the status of the request:
    1. In the Customer Service toolbar, click the number next to My Requests (example: 8).

      vRealize Portal Toolbar (Requests)

    2. Click the Service Request that you want to view.
  5. After the VM request is fulfilled, request a second day action:
    1. On the Customer Portal home page, click the View My Devices link.

      The Virtual Machine page opens.

    2. Select a second day action from the Request Action for this VM drop-down.
    3. Click the Run Action button.