Resource Management mApp Solution Items

The Items table provides a list of items included when applying the mApp® Solution and the typical merge action.

These are the items included in this mApp Solution:

Item Category Item Typical Merge Action
Automation Process Definitions Additional Resource Time Entries, Create Resource Time Entries, Delete Resource Import
Business Objects Cost Item, Cost Item - Labor, Cost Item - Other, Cost Item - Provisioning, Cost Item - Tool, Cost Item Category, Cost Item Provisioning Frequency Overwrite
Employment Type, Rate, Resource, Resource Status, Resource Time, Role, Role Assignment, Role Status, RolesLinkSkillsJoinTable, Scheduled PTO, Skill Assignment, Skill Level, SkillLinksUsers, Skills Import
Incident, Incident Category, Team Info, User Info, Work Item Merge
Task Don't Change
Cargo Definition Copy of Create Task Invoice Import
Color Palette Resource Dashboards Import
Counter Resource Search Group Number Import
Dashboards My Work - Alt IT, Resource Management - Individual, Resource Management - Role, Resource Time and Cost, Skills Management, User Skills, Work Item Time and Cost Import
Fields Allocated Hours Per Day, Asset Management, Assigned to, Assigned to RecID, Available Hours, Available Project Hours, Billable, ChildID, ChildJoinReason, ChildType, Cost, Create New Records, Created By, Created By ID, Created by RecID, Created Culture, Created Date Time, Daily Hours, Date, Delete Resource, Department, Description, Description_de-DE, Description_en-US, Description_es-ES, Description_fr-FR, Description_pt-BR, Duration, Effort, Edit Via Browser, Employment Type, Employment Type_de-DE, Employment Type_en-US, Employment Type_es-ES, Employment Type_fr-FR, Employment Type_pt-BR, End Date, End Time, Facilities, Hours Per Day, HR, IT, JoinReason, Last Mod Time Stamp, Last Modified By, Last Modified by RecID, Last Modified Date Time, Locked, Manager, Operational Hours, Operational Hours per Day, Operational Hours per Week, Operational Percent, ParentID, ParentType, Primary Rate, Primary Role, Project, PTO Hours, Rate, Rate Name, Rate Name_de-DE, Rate Name_en-US, Rate Name_es-ES, Rate Name_fr-FR, Rate Name_pt-BR, RecID, Remaining Project Hours, Required Skill, Resource, Resource RecID, Role, Role_de-DE, Role_en-US, Role_es-ES, Role_fr-FR, Role_pt-BR, Roles, Search Group Number, Security, Skill, Skill_de-DE, Skill_en-US, Skill_es-ES, Skill_fr-FR, Skill_pt-BR, Skill ID, Skill Level, Skill Level_de-DE, Skill Level_en-US, Skill Level_es-ES, Skill Level_fr-FR, Skill Level_pt-BR, Skill(s), Skills ID, Softbooked Hours Per Day, Start Date, Start Time, Status, Status_de-DE, Status_en-US, Status_es-ES, Status_fr-FR, Status_pt-BR, Submitted, Submitted Via Browser, Task RecID, Task Title, Total Assignments, Total Resources, Total Roles, Total Teams, Total Users, TotalSkills, User Full Name, User Info RecID, Valid, Weekly Hours, Work Week Hours Import
Budget Cost, Category, Category_de-DE, Category_en-US, Category_es-ES, Category_fr-FR, Category_pt-BR, Cost, Cost Item Type ID, Cost Item Type Name, Cost Item Type RecID, Cost Type, Created By, Created By ID, Created by RecID, Created Culture, Created Date Time, Details, Frequency, Frequency_de-DE, Frequency_en-US, Frequency_es-ES, Frequency_fr-FR, Frequency_pt-BR, Hours, Item Description, ITPT Project ID, Last Mod Time Stamp, Last Modified By, Last Modified By ID, Last Modified Date Time, Parent RecID, Quantity, Rate, RecID, Resource Name, Status, Time Spent, Total Cost, Unit Price Overwrite
Forms CostItemCategory, CostItemFrequency, CostItemProvisioning, Labor Cost Item, OtherCostItem, ToolCost Overwrite
EmploymentType, Rate, Rate Localization, Resource, Resource Fields, Resource Overview, ResourceStatus, Resource Time, Role, Role Assignment, Role Localization, Role Status, Role Status Localization, Scheduled PTO, Skill Assignment, Skill Level, Skill Level Localization, Skills, SkillsManagement, Skills Localization Import
Form Arrangements PPMResourceTime, Rate, Resource, Role, RoleStatus, SkillAssignment, SkillLevel, Skills Import
Grids CostItem, CostItemCategory, CostItemFrequency CostItemProvisioning, Labor Cost Item, OtherCostItem, ToolCost Overwrite
Dashboard, Employment Type, Rate, Resource, Resource Status, Resource Time, Role, Role Assignment, Role Assignment Dashboard Grid, Role Assignment Form Arrangement, Role Status, Scheduled PTO, Skill Assignment, Skill Assignment Dashboard Grid, Skill Level, SkillLinksUsers 1, Skills, Skills Top 10 Grid Import
Image Definitions resource_16, resource_20, resource_24, resource_time_16, resource_time_20, resource_time_24, role_16, role_20, role_24, scheduled_PTO_16, scheduled_PTO_20, scheduled_PTO_24 Import
Indexes PK_CostItem, CostItemCategory_Category, PK_CostItemCategory, PK_CostItemFrequency Overwrite
IncidentCategory_IncidentCategory, PK_EmploymentType, PK_IncidentCategory, PK_PPMResourceTime, PK_Rate, PK_Resource, PK_ResourceStatus, PK_Role, PK_RoleAssignment, PK_RolesLinkSkillsJoinTable, PK_RoleStatus, PK_ScheduledPTO, PK_SkillAssignment, PK_SkillLevel, PK_SkillLinksUsers, PK_Skills, PK_Task, PK_TeamInfo, Resource_FullName, Role_Role, RoleIdx0, TeamInfoName, Task_ParentID, Task_ParentTypeID, TaskStatus, Task_Subject, Task_TaskID, Task_TaskType Import
Mergeable Areas PPM Resource Actions, PPM Resource Time Actions, Skills Actions, Task Actions Overwrite
One-Step™ Action Change Status, Delete Resource, Edit PTO, Flag for Delete, Get Role and Rate, Manual -Update Resource Time Bookings, Recommended Assignee, Refresh Counts, Refresh Individual Dashboard, Refresh Resource Dashboard, Refresh Role Dashboard, Resource Daily Time Entries, Resource Management Individual and Date Selector, Resource Management Individual Selector, Resource Management Individual Set View - Per Day, Resource Management Individual Set View - Per Week, Resource Management Individual Update Dates, Resource Management Role Selector, Resource Management Update End Date, Resource Management Update Start Date, Resource Time Cleanup, Select Department, Select Different Role/Rate, Select Employment Type, Select Resource, Select Resource Manager, Select Role, Select Work Item, Set Flag To Create New Records, Set Skills and Roles, Set View - Per Day, Set View - Per Week, Skills by Resource - Update Resource, Skills by Role - Update Role, Skills by User - Update User, Submit PTO, Team Skills, Track Time - Resource, Track Time and Cost, Update Dashboard, Update Effort, Update Resource, Update Resource Time Bookings, Update Resource Time Entries, Update Resource Times Dashboard, Update Start/End Dates, Update Start/End Dates Time and Cost, Update Total Counts Import
Update Hours Worked Overwrite
Prompt Select A Resource Import
Relationships Resource Links Role, Resource Links Skills, Resource Owns Resource Times, Resource Owns Role Assignments, Resource Owns Scheduled PTOs, Resource Owns Skill Assignments, Resource Owns Tasks, Resource Time Links Scheduled PTO, Resource Time Links Tasks - Softbooked, Resource Time Links Work Item - Allocated, Resource Time Owned By Resource, Role Links Resource, Role Links Skills, Role Links to Resources, Scheduled PTO Links Resource Times, Scheduled PTO Owned By Resource, Skills links Incident, Skills links Incident Category, Skills Links Resources, Skills Links Roles, Skills Links Team, Skills links Users, Task Links Resource Times, Tasks Owned By Resource, Team links Skills, Team links Users, Userinfo Links Skills Import
Cost Item - Labor Links To Resource, Incidents links skills, Task Links Resource Times, Tasks Owned By Resource, Work Item Owns Cost Labor Overwrite
Report Create Task Invoice Import
Scheduled Item Definitions Update Resource Time Bookings, Update Team Skill Count Import
Searches All Skills, Create Invoice, My Operational Tasks, My Resources, My Teams Operational Tasks, Resource Entries Greater Than Today, Resource Time Aged Two Weeks, Resource Time Dashboard - Individual, Resource Time Dashboard - Role, Resource Time Records, Resources, Resources by Primary Role, Resources by Selected Role, Resources by Selected Skill Import
Stored Expressions Cost, Date is Valid, Duration, Hours Per Day, Hours Per Day, Hours Worked - Resource, Next End of Year, Prompt for Role, Prompt for Skill, Resource Role, Total Time, Two Weeks Ago, Update Allocated Hours, Update PTO Hours, Update Remaining Project Hours, Update Softbooked Hours Import
Compute Total, TaskDurationInHours Overwrite
Stored Values Resource Dashboard - Chart View, Resource Dashboard End Date, Resource Dashboard Individual, Resource Dashboard Role Name, Resource Dashboard RoleID, Resource Dashboard Start Date, Resource RecID, Resource Time Date, Scheduled PTO End Date, Scheduled PTO Start Date, Search Group Number, Skill User, Skills by Individual Or Role, Skills Dashboard Search Type, Skills RecID, Work Item Task Import
Widgets All Skills, Available Project Hours - Daily, Available Project Hours - Weekly, Available Project Hours By Individual (Daily), Available Project Hours By Individual (Weekly), Cost By Resource, Cost Labor Search List, Dashboard Resources, Hours By Resource, Incidents and Requests Owned by Me, My Incident Tickets, My Operational Tasks, My Operational Tasks - Detail, My Priority 1 Incident Tickets, My Priority 1 Service Requests, My Project Task Details, My Project Tasks, My Team's Open Incidents and Request, My Team's Operational Tasks, My Total Service Requests, My VIP Incident Tickets, My VIP Service Requests, Number of Resources, Resource Bar - Daily (Individual), Resource Bar - Daily (Role), Resource Bar - Weekly (Individual), Resource Bar - Weekly (Role), Resource Time Total Billable Hours, Resource Time Total Hours, Resource Total Billable Cost, Resource Total Cost, Skills by Resource All Skills Grid, Skills by Resource Total Skills, Skills by User All Skills Grid, Skills by User Total Skills, Task Cost Labor Search List, Task Total Cost, Task Total Cost Billable, Task Total Hours, Task Total Hours Billable, Top Skill Assignments, Total Skills, Unassociated Skills Import
CD - Date Filter - 30 day default Overwrite
  • Import: Add new item.
  • Overwrite: Replace target item.
  • Merge: Merge differences.
  • Don't Change: Referenced by the mApp Solution, but not altered in any way. The mApp Solution includes the definition for informational purposes only (the definition is not imported into the target system).