Skills Management Dashboard

Use the Skills Management Dashboard to view at-a-glance information on all skills and links to teams and Users.

This functionality is only available if you have applied the Skills Management mApp Solution.

  1. Open the Dashboard Manager.
  2. To open the Skills Management Dashboard, expand the Global folder and then expand the Dashboards folder.
  3. Select Default Dashboards and then double-click Skills Management.
    The Skills Management Dashboard opens displaying the following information:
    • Total number of skills records in the system.
    • How many skills are unassociated (do not have Users associated to them).
    • A bar graph that shows skills linked to teams and Users.
    • An All Skills Grid with a quick view of each skill and the number of Users and teams associated with each. Double-click on a skill to go directly to the skill record.

The Team Skills Widget uses calculated values, so it won't display a value until you force it to calculate. You will need to either run the scheduled job that is in the mApp Solution or open any TeamInfo record that has been attached to a Skill.