Skills Management mApp® Solution Items

The Items table provides a list of items included when applying the mApp Solution and the typical merge action.

Item Category


Typical Merge Action

Business Objects Incident, Incident Category, Team Info, UserInfo Merge
SkillLinksUsers, Skills Overwrite
Color Palette Cherwell Dashboards Overwrite
Dashboard Skills Management Overwrite
Fields ChildID, ChildJoinReason, ChildType, Created By, Created By ID, Created Culture, Created Date Time, Description, Description_de-DE, Description_en-US, Description_es-ES, Description_fr-FR, Description_pt-BR, JoinReason, Last Modified By, Last Modified By ID, Last Modified Date Time, ParentID, ParentType, RecID, Required Skill, Skill, Skill ID, Skill_de-DE, Skill_en-US, Skill_es-ES, Skill_fr-FR, Skill_pt-BR, Skills ID, TotalSkills, TotalTeams, TotalUsers, User Full Name Overwrite
Forms SkillsManagement, Skills Overwrite
Form Arrangement Skills Overwrite
Grids Dashboard, Skills Overwrite
Image Definitions add_16_blue_form, add_20_blue_form, add_24_blue_form, Add_Image_64, approval_ abstained_20_blue, approval_approved_20_blue, approval_denied_20_blue, approval_pending_20_blue, attach_16_blue_form, attach_20_blue_form, attach_24_blue_form, behalf_16, behalf_20, behalf_24, calendar_16_blue_form, calendar_20_blue_form, chart_16_blue_form, chart_20_blue_form, chart_24_blue_form, clock_20_blue, clock_24_blue, delete_16_blue_form, delete_20_blue_form, delete_24_blue_form, duplicate_16_blue_form, duplicate_20_blue_form, duplicate_24_blue_form, edit_16_blue_form, edit_20_blue_form, edit_24_blue_form, editor_16_blue_form, editor_20_blue_form, editor_24_blue_form, email_20, error_13_status_header, itempicker_16_blue_form, jumpto_16_blue_form, jumpto_20_blue_form, jumpto_24_blue_form, paragraph_16_blue_form, paragraph_20_blue_form, paragraph_24_blue_form, picker_20_blue_form, picker_24_blue_form, reply_16_blue_form, reply_20_blue_form, reply_24_blue_form, thumbs_down_20, thumbs_up_20, user_16_blue_form, user_20_blue_form, user_24_blue_form, Warning_24_red Overwrite
Indexes Incident_CustomerID, Incident_IncidentType, Incident_OwnedByID, Incident_RecID, IncidentCategory_IncidentCategory, IncidentCreatedDT, IncidentID, IncidentIdx_ServiceCartRecID, IncidentIdx_ServiceCatalogTemplateRecID, IncidentService, IncidentStatus, PK_IncidentCategory, PK_SkillLinksUsers, PK_Skills, PK_TeamInfo, PK_UserInfo, System_LDAPPathIdx, TeamInfoName, UserInfo_FullName Overwrite
Mergeable Area Skills Action Overwrite
One-Step™ Actions Recommended Assignee, refreshcounts, Skills from Team, TeamSkills, Update Skills, Update user and team counts, UpdateSkillsCount Overwrite
Relationships Incidents links skills, Skills links Incident, Skills links Incident Category, Skills Links Team, Skills links Users, Team links Skills, Team links Users, Userinfo Links Skills, Users links Incidents Overwrite
Scheduled Item Definition Update Team Skill Count Overwrite
Searches All Skills, All Teams Overwrite
Stored Values Skill User, Skills RecID Overwrite
Widgets All Skills, CD - Date Filter - 30 day default, Team Skills, Total Skills, Unassociated, Skills, User Skill Number Overwrite
  • Import: Add new item.
  • Overwrite: Replace target item.
  • Merge: Merge differences.
  • Don't Change: Referenced by the mApp Solution, but not altered in any way. The mApp Solution includes the definition for informational purposes only (the definition is not imported into the target system).