Survey Monkey mApp Solution Items

These are the items included in this Survey Monkey mApp® Solution.

Item Category


Typical Merge Action

Business Object Survey Monkey Results Import
Counter Survey Monkey ID Import
Fields Assigned Team Import
Assigned Team RecID
Assigned to
Assigned to RecID
Created by
Created by RecID
Created Culture
Created Date Time
Current Question ID
Current Question Number
Last Modified by
Last Modified by RecID
Last Modified Date Time
Previous Question ID
Question 1
Question 1 - Answer A
Question 1 - Answer A Total
Question 1 - Answer B
Question 1 - Answer B Total
Question 1 - Answered
Question 1 ID
Question 2
Question 2 - Answer A
Question 2 - Answer A Total
Question 2 - Answer B
Question 2 - Answer B Total
Question 2 - Answered
Question 2 - ID
Response Count
Survey ID
Survey Monkey Results ID
Survey Name
Survey URL
Total Last Updated Date Time
Forms Survey Monkey Results Overview Import
Grid Survey Monkey Results Import
Dashboards Results Import
Index PK_SurveyMonkeyResults Import


Relationship Survey Result Links Existing Survey Import
One-Step™ Actions Get all Question Choices Import
Get Question 1 Choices
Get Question 2 Choices
Get Questions
Get Totals
Select a Survey
Set Question IDs
Step Through Questions
Update Totals
Widgets All Survey Results Import
Survey Monkey Name Filter
Survey Results Record
Search All Survey Results Import
Stored Value Data Array Import
Questions Array
Survey Monkey Bearer Token
Survey Results Record