Configure the Tenable Vulnerability Export Settings

You can adjust the default settings of the Vulnerability Export Scheduled Item.

Filter Description Default Setting Options
API Keys API Keys from your instance. Keys are encrypted after they are updated.    
Chunk Size Specifies the number of assets used to chunk the vulnerabilities during the export process. 50 50 minimum; 5000 maxiumum
Tagging Returns vulnerabilities on assets with the specified asset tags. The filter is defined as "tag", a period (.), and the tag category name. The value of the filter is an array of tag values. "tag.Cherwell":["Computer","NetworkDevice", "Server"]  
Start Date The start date (in Unix time) for the range of data you want to export. After the initial export, the start date is set to the date and time of the last export. 01/01/2021 12:00 AM  
Severity The severity of the vulnerabilities to include in the export. "high", "critical"






To adjust any of the setting:

  1. In the CSM Desktop Client, open the One-Step Action Manager.
  2. From the Association drop-down list, select None.
  3. Select the Global folder, and then select Update Tenable Settings.
  4. Select Run, and then select the option for the filter you want to update.