Tenable.io Integration mApp Solution Items

The items table provides a list of items included when you apply the mApp® Solution and the typcial merge action.

Item Category Item Typical Merge Action
Action Block Set Encryption Key Overwrite
Automation Process definitions Create or Update Security Events, Delete Record, Import Asset Vulnerabilities, Import Asset Vulnerability Chunks, Tenable Asset UUID, Update Export Status Overwrite
Business Objects Asset Vulnerability, Security Event Joins Configuration Items, Tenable Export Overwrite
Config - Computer, Config - Network Device, Config - Server, Configuration Item, Event - Security Merge
Change Request, Config - Computer, Config - Mobile Device, Config - Network Device, Config - Other CI, Config - Printer, Config - Server, Config - Software License, Config - System, Config - Telephony Equipment, Configuration Item, Event Don't Change
Fields Child Join Reason, Chunks Processed, Created Culture , Created Date Time, CVSS Score, Description, Event - Security RecID, Event - Security Type, Event Type, Exploit Available, Exploit by Malware, Exploitable Ease, Export Request Date Time, Export UUID, First Seen Date Time, Has Patch, Hostname, IP Address, Join Exists Join Reason, Join RecID, Last Modified by, Last Modified by RecID, Last Modified Date Time, Last Seen Date Time, MAC Address, Mark as Resolved, MS Bulletin, MS Bulletin IDs, Output, Patch Publish Date, Patch Publish Date Time, Plugin Family, Plugin Family ID, Plugin ID, Plugin Name, RecID, Request UUID, Resolution Details, Security Event RecID, Severity, Solution, Status, Synopsis, Tenable Asset UUID, Tenable Import ID, Tenable Output, Tenable UUID, VPR Score, Vulnerability Publish DateTime, Vulnerability Type Overwrite
Form arrangement EventSecurity Overwrite
Forms Asset Vulnerability, Security Event Joins Configuration Items, Tenable Export, Vulnerability Details Overwrite
Grids Asset Vulnerability, Security Event Joins Configuration Items, Tenable Export Overwrite
Indexes CIEventIdx0, ConfigurationItem_AssetTag, ConfigurationItem_FriendlyName, ConfigSoftwareLicense_SoftwareID, Event_CIEventNumber, InstalledSoftware_Product, Latitude, Longitude, PK_CIEvent, PK_ConfigurationItem, PK_SecurityVulnerability, PK_Security_Event_Joins_Configuration_Items, PK_TenableScan Overwrite
Mergeable areas Asset Vulnerability Actions, Computer Actions, Config - Network Device Actions, Config - Server Actions, Configuration Item Actions Overwrite
One-Step™ Actions Create Update Security Event, Create Update Security Event and CI Join Record, Delete Record, Export Vulnerabilities, Import Asset to Tenable, Import Vulnerabilities, Link CI to Security Event, Process Asset Vulnerabilities, Update Export Status, Update Tenable Asset ID, View Configuration Item, View Security Event Overwrite
Tenable API Key Encryption, Update Tenable Settings Don't Change
Prompts Chunk Size, Severity, Start Date, Tags Overwrite
Relationships Asset Vulnerability Links Join Table, Asset Vulnerability Owned By CI, Asset Vulnerability Owned By Security Event, Configuration Item links Asset Vulnerabilities, Configuration Item links Security Event, Security Event Links Asset Vulnerabilities, Security Event links CI Join Table, Security Event links Configuration Items Overwrite
Event Links Change Request, Event Links Configuration Items, Event Links Customer, Event Links Incident, Event Links Similar Event, Event Links Status, Event Links User Info, Event Owns Journal, Event Owns Work Items Don't Change
Scheduled Item definition Tenable Export Overwrite
Searches All Open Project Tasks, All Planview Projects, All Planview Task Imports, All Project Tasks, Closed Project Tasks, My Open Project Tasks, My Project Tasks, My Teams Open Project Tasks, My Teams Project Tasks Import
Stored expressions Unix Timestamp Conversion - Duration in Days, Unix Timestamp Conversion - Number Overwrite
Stored values API Key String, Chunk Size, Export Chunks, Hostname, Last Export Timestamp, New Start Date, Plugin ID, Security Event RecID, Severity, Tags, Tenable Nonce Overwrite
Tabs Configuration Item (0), Configuration Items (0), Vulnerability Details Overwrite
Affected Users (0), Change Request, Incident, Journals, Network Events (0), Overview, Similar Events (0), Work Items (0) Don't Change
Widgets CD - Date Filter - 30 day default, CD-All P1 Issues, CD-My Incidents and Requests, CD-My Open Incidents, CD-My Open Tasks, CD-My Open Tasks Count, CD-My Open Tickets, CD-My Teams Open Change Requests, CD-My Teams Open Tasks, CD-My Teams Problems, CD-My VIP Issues Overwrite
My Open Project Tasks, My Open Project Tasks - Count, My Teams Open Project Tasks Import
  • Import: Add new item.
  • Overwrite: Replace target item.
  • Merge: Merge differences.
  • Don't Change: Referenced by the mApp Solution, but not altered in any way. The mApp Solution includes the definition for informational purposes only (the definition is not imported into the target system).