Use a Walk-Up Support Portal Site

Customers enter support requests at Walk-Up Support locations, and users manage the tickets using Dashboards.

This functionality is only available after applying the Walk-Up Support mApp Solution.

To create an Incident on a Walk-Up Support site:

  1. Log into the Portal and select Walk-Up Support from the Site Selector.
    The Walk-Up Support site displays. A Widget shows the current support queue.
  2. Customers who need Walk-Up Support assistance select the Start Here button.
    A dialog with issue types appears.
  3. The customer selects an issue type from the pop-up dialog.
  4. The customer selects their name from the drop-down menu.
    An Incident is opened for the customer. A pop-up window appears telling the customer their queue position and average wait time (automatically calculated by the mApp Solution.

Users can manage tickets through the Walk-Up Support Dashboard.