Work the Purchase Request

Once a Purchase Request has been created (from the Service Request), it is reviewed for accuracy, modified as needed, and approved.

This functionality is only available if you have applied the ITAM mApp Solution.

Only Line Items with a Type of Configuration Item are processed in CAM. Line Item Types of Inventory are not ordered or managed in CAM. If you have a Purchase Request with only Inventory items requested, a CAM purchase order will be automatically created after approval of the purchase request; however, the line items are not part of the purchase order.

  1. Open the Purchase Request Form and select Submit for Review to change the status (the initial status is New).
    The Purchase Request is reviewed and modified, and an approval is initiated for the requester's manager.
  2. The Purchase Request is now approved and the status changes to PO Created.
    • Without CAM Integration: The Purchase Request is Read-Only except for specific order fields which can be manually populated.
    1. Select Next: Ordered to provide information on the Order Date and to change the status to Ordered.
    • CAM Integration: The Purchase Request is now Read-Only.
    1. The ITAM mApp® Solution automatically sends the Purchase Request's information to CAM via the CAM API configured during mApp Solution installation.
    2. The Purchasing Manager edits the Purchase Order and the Purchase Request is automatically updated with the CAM Order ID, the CAM Purchase Order number, the Vendor, and asset order details based on a Scheduled One-Step™ Action.
  3. Select Next: Set to Received to change the status to Received.
  4. Use the Item Status and Qty to Check In drop-down lists to update both fields.
    Item Status can be updated in CSM or CAM.
  5. Select Check in and Create Inventory.
    The new Configuration Item (CI) is created and displayed on the Configuration Items tab of the Form Arrangement. The status is Planned and the serial number and any other additional information needs to be manually recorded.

    If the CI is not new (example: Software license that increases in license count instead of being created) it will not be displayed on the Configuration Items tab.

  6. Close the Purchase Request and finish the Service Request by selecting Close.
    The Service Request is removed from Pending status and moved to the status when the Purchase Request was initiated.

    Tasks are created for the Items for Purchase line items so the appropriate actions can be taken for Inventory and CIs.