Work the Service Request

Once a Service Request is assigned to the appropriate team and owner, the process begins to review line items and information on availability.

This functionality is only available if you have applied the ITAM mApp Solution.

Items will be in red until they have been processed by reserving parts from inventory or available CIs, or by identifying that a purchase is required.

  1. Double-click a product from the Items Request Form view.
  2. Select Check Stock.

    Select Add a Product to manually select and add from the Product Catalog.

    Stock is checked based on information in the Product Catalog. The Container drop-down list options are Configuration Item or Inventory. If the Container is Configuration Item, the Container Type drop-down list is available to indicate the CI type. Model is the other key field used for the stock check.

  3. Select the option to Reserve, Purchase, or Cancel.
    1. If Reserve was selected, select the CI to reserve.
      If the reservation satisfies the total number of items requested, the prompt will indicate that the quantity has been satisfied.
    2. Select OK.
      The product line item turns green and the reserved CI now has a status of Planned (changed from In Stock).
  4. Continue the process above for each product in the list.
    If reserving multiple items from a specific Site location, a prompt may display asking how much to reserve from that location. Enter the quantity number and select OK.
    1. If reserving a number that does not equal the requested number, you will need to choose from the following options:
      • Reserve Remaining Inventory?
      • Create Purchase Request for Remainder?
      • Continue at a later time?

      The Inventory Parts record shows a reduced total inventory based on debiting the reserved number from the request. The record also shows the associated Service Requests in the Requests tab of the Form Arrangement.

  5. Select Create Purchase Request.
    1. When prompted, select Yes if all products have been added.

    You may be prompted with questions regarding the needed by date and location of the Purchase Request.

The Purchase Request is now visible in the Purchase Request tab in the Form Arrangement.