About Configuration Items

Configuration Items (CIs) are assets that make up the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). CIs must be managed to avoid disruptions to Services. Use CI forms to track and monitor the following items:

  • New items
  • Current items
  • Retired items

There are several OOTB CI categories:

  • Computer: Individual laptops, individual workstations, etc.
  • Mobile Device: Company cell phones, tablets, etc.
  • Network Device: Access points, firewalls, routers, switches, etc.
  • Printer: Local printers, network printers.
  • Server: Application server, file server, mail server, etc.
  • Software License: Open source, proprietary, shareware, etc.
  • System: Database system, network system (example: A CI System for the email system would have a relationship with each of the mail servers).
  • Telephony Equipment: Phone, ACD, etc.
  • Other: CIs that do not correspond with other CI categories.

The OOTB CI Forms (example: Computer) help to create, manage, and track CIs:

Computer Form with callouts

  1. Default Form: Displays information based on the type of CI.
  2. Form Arrangement: Dynamically displays linked child records based on the type of CI, such as Journals, Incidents, and Problems.
  3. Form Area: Displays detailed CI information based on the type of CI, such as location and network information.
  4. Actions List: Dynamically displays a list of actions that are available for the current record.