CMDB Dashboard

CSM provides a OOTB CMDB Dashboard that intuitively organizes your critical CI metrics into a single, real-time, at-a-glance CMDB control panel.

CMDB metrics are also found on other OOTB Dashboards (ex: Global IT).

The following table describes the items on the Dashboard:

Item Description Widget Type Widget Name Widget Uses:
CIs In Repair Displays the number of CIs with an Asset Status of In Repair. Text Gauge CI in Repair Custom Saved Search
CIs Down Displays the number of CIs with an Asset Status of Down. Text Gauge Current Down CIs CIs Currently Down Saved Search
New CIs Displays the number of CIs with an Asset Status of New. Text Gauge New CIs Custom Saved Search
Events by CI Displays the number of CI Events by week (bars within the chart) and New CIs (line within the chart). Bar with Line Chart CI Events vs. New CIs All Events Saved Search, All Assets Saved Search
CI by Vendor Displays the percentage of CIs based on Vendor. Pie Chart CI by Vendor Hardware with Manufacture Saved Search
Total CMDB Assets Displays the number of assets based on type. Text Gauge

Uses the following Widgets:

  • CMDB Computers in last 30 days
  • CMDB Network Devices in last 30 days
  • CMDB Printers in last 30 days
  • CMDB Telephony in last 30 days
  • Copy of Mobile in CMDB
  • Copy of Servers in CMDB
  • Other CIs in CMDB
  • Software in CMDB
  • System in CMDB

Uses the following Saved Searches:

  • All Computers
  • All Network Devices
  • All Printers
  • All Telephony Equipment
  • All Mobile Equipment
  • All Server Equipment
  • All Other CIs
  • All Software
  • All System CIs
View Filters Dashboard metrics by a defined date range. Filter CD - Date Filter - 30 Day Default