CMDB One-Step Actions

CSM provides multiple One-Step Actions associated with CIs, including:

One-Step Action



Executed From

Alt Step from Relationship Conditionally change the CI status to next logical status (defined by the CI Status values in Table Management) and/or initiate the next appropriate One-Step Action. [CI] CI Form: Next: [Status]
Alt 2 Step from Relationship
Next Step from Relationship
Assign to ANY Individual Prompts the User to assign the record to any CSM User (not limited by Team). Uses Owned By ID and Owned By Team fields. [CI] CI Form: Assign To link
Assign to Individual

Launches the Choose Team window, where a user can choose an Owned By Team for the record; then, launches the Choose User window, where a user can choose a Primary User from the already-selected Team.

[CI] CI Form: Select Owner link
Assign to Team

Launches the Choose Team window, where a user can choose an Owned By Team for the record.

[CI] CI Form: Select Team link
Take Ownership

Makes the Current User the Primary User of the record.

[CI] CI Form: Take Ownership link
DateTime Info Popup Displays details for all the date/timestamps to give a historical view. [CI] CI Form: View Detailed Date/Time Information link
Create a new...

Prompts the User to create a new Incident, Problem, or Change.

This One-Step Action is only applicable for hardware CIs.

[CI] CI Form: Create a new... link

A full list of One-Step™ Actions is beyond the scope of this document. Export a schema document from CSM Administrator (Create a Blueprint > Tools > Export Schema) to view a full list of One-Step Actions associated with a particular type of Business Object.