Create a New Work Item

In the CSM Desktop Client, create a new Work Item, assign a user owner, and provide a title and description for the Work Item.

To create a new Work Item:

  1. From the CSM Desktop Client toolbar, select New > New Incident.

    Choose from the following Records: Incident, Problem, or Change.

  2. Complete the Incident form.
  3. Select New Work Item from the Task tab in the form arrangement.
    A new Work Item form opens with a unique ID and status of New.
  4. Assign a user owner.
  5. Provide a Title for the Work Item.
  6. Provide a Description of the Work Item task.
  7. (Optional): Select the Task is for a future date/time checkbox to select a future date/time that the Work Item must be complete on.
  8. (Optional): Select the Track time spent checkbox to require the owner to log time spent resolving the Work Item.
  9. Click Save.
    An email is automatically sent to the Work Item owner, notifying the user that a Work Item has been assigned to them. Once the owner begins work on the Task, the status of the Work Item moves to either Acknowledge or In Progress. The parent record cannot be closed until all associated Tasks have been completed.