Create a Work Unit

Create a Work Unit (WU) to use in a Service Request or Service Catalog Template (SCT).

To create a Work Unit:

  1. On the CSM Desktop Client toolbar, select New > New Work Unit. See CSM Desktop Client toolbar.
    A new WU record is created with a unique ID and a status of New.
  2. Complete the Basic Information section (the Name, Work Unit Description, and Task Description fields are required):
    1. Provide a name (example: Acquire a Laptop) and select a category (example: Order product). The category provides a way to organize the Work Unit.
    2. Provide a description for the Work Unit and for the Task (example: Order a generic laptop).
      The Task description (displays on Task) autopopulates based on the Work Unit Description field. Provide a different description for the Task, if necessary.
  3. Select an team owner and user owner.

    When the WU transforms into a Task, the Work Unit owner becomes the Task owner.

  4. (Optional) Complete the Catalog Information section if you are using a Supplier Catalog Item:
    1. Select a Catalog Item (example: Generic Laptop). This field uses the Supplier Catalog Items table.
      After selecting the Catalog Item, the following fields autopopulate (if available): Item Description, Max Time to Complete, Max Time Units, Estimated Cost, and Business Hours. Item Description information (uses the Supplier Catalog Items table description) displays as read-only text so you cannot manually edit this field. You can provide different values for Max Time to Complete, Max Time Units, Estimated Cost, and Business Hours, if necessary. The Supplier Catalog Item and Agreement records display as abbreviated read-only forms in the form arrangement.
    2. (Optional) From the Actions list you can:
    • Change Supplier: Select the link to open the Agreement Selector, and select an alternate Supplier.

      The new Supplier information displays in the form area.

    • Clear the Catalog Item: Select the link to remove the data in the Catalog Information section and select a new Catalog Item under the Catalog Information section.
  5. Select the Next: Set to Active link in the Default form to activate the WU.
    The status changes to Active and the Work Unit is available to use for Service Catalog Templates.

To retire the WU, select the Next: Retire Work Unit link in the Default form.