Create a Change Model

Create a Change Model for the most common changes you encounter in your organization.

To create a Change Model:

  1. Select New > New Change Model in the CSM Desktop Client or CSM Browser Client.
  2. Provide a name for the Change Model.
  3. From the Change Type drop-down list, select Standard, Normal, or Emergency.
    Depending on the Change Type you choose, you can include the following fields:
    Field Normal Emergency Standard
    Owned By Team x x x
    Change Title x x x
    Justification x x  
    Description x x x
    Service Affected x x x
    Risk and Impact x x  
    Backout Plan x x  
    Implementation Plan x x x
  4. The CAB members associated with the Change Model's Change Type are automatically added to the Standing Cab Members tab in the form arrangement. Those members are also responsible for moving the Change Model through to activation.