Define Accessories and Permissions for a Mobile Device CI

Define configurations for a mobile device CI such as name, cost, and access.

To define accessories for a mobile device CI:

  1. In the CSM Desktop Client menu bar, select Tools > Table Management. See CSM Desktop Client menu bar.

    The Table Management interface opens.

  2. In the Type drop-down list, select Product Catalog.

    Product catalog items open in the grid.

  3. Select a mobile device item (example: Apple iPhone 5 32GB), and then select the Show Current Record button.

    The record (example: Product - iPhone 5 32GB) opens.

  4. Define accessories for the item:
    1. In an accessory field, type the name of the accessory (example: Phone Case).
    2. In the Cost Field, type the cost of the accessory (example: $35.00).

      You must define accessories for each mobile device item in your product catalog.

  5. Define permissions for who can access the item in the drop-down list on the Specifics form:
    1. Select the Include Specific Departments link.
    2. Do one of the following to grant permissions to access the item in the drop-down list:
      • Select the add from list link to grant permissions to all members of a specific department.
      • Select the add all departments link to grant permissions to all members of all company departments.

      To remove all departments from the list, select the Clear All link.

  6. Select Save.