Define Meeting Minutes

Use the Meeting Minutes tab in to define and track important activities and decisions made during the progress of the project.

This functionality is only available after you apply the mApp Solution.

To define meeting minutes:

  1. On the Meeting Minutes tab in the form arrangement, select New ITPT Meeting Minutes.
  2. Complete the meeting minute details:
    1. Meeting Minute ID: Provide an identification code for the meeting minute (example: 1A).
    2. Add a title, category, and description.
    3. Type an explanation of the meeting minute (example: Assess status of deliverables).
    4. Select a status and due date.
    5. Select a name from the Ball in Court drop-down list or select the Select User link. This is the person that owns the meeting minute.
    6. The Ball in Court E-Mail field is auto-populated based on the customer record of the user (Ball in Court).
    7. Select the Send an Email link to define and send a notification email to the user (Ball in Court).
      The meeting minute form automatically saves.