Ivanti Neurons Demo Czar Data

Demo data allows you to experiment with configurations and use them as examples to help build your own solutions.

Install the ESMDemo.czar file to access the demo data:

Demo Data

The .czar file contains data as listed in the table below. The data has been listed under Customer and Service Management to distinguish the type of data included in the .czar file.

Table:   Data
Customer Management Data Service Management Data
  • UserInfo (for assigning support agents)
  • Security Groups
  • TrebuchetAuth (for logging in and associated security settings)
  • Departments
  • TrebuchetTeamMember (for associating teams to users)
  • TeamInfo (for creating CSM Teams)
  • Building
  • Sites
  • Tasks and Work Items
  • Roles
  • Teams
  • Incident Records
  • Service
  • Service Catalog Template
  • Work Unit
  • Specifics
  • CIs
  • Customer (for ticket assignment)
  • Contact Manager dialog