How SLAs are Selected

SLAs are selected based on the time, type, and number of SLAs.

The SLA Selection flowchart describes the process for how CSM determines the Incident SLA.

SLA Selection

In OOTB content, the stored variable Use time-based SLA mode is set to True so OOTB SLAs select based on the shortest amount of time for any associated SLAs.

The Service is Shortest SLA flowchart describes the decision-making process to determine that Service is the shortest SLA. Other SLA types use a similar workflow.

Service is Shortest SLA

  • In the Time-Based Model, this is one sample expression that returns true if service is the shortest SLA. Every SLA type has a similar expression.
  • When a ticket is created, CSM uses a selection model to ensure the shortest SLA applies. You can also set the system to use the Hierarchy-Based Model, where specific SLA types win out.