Specifics Forms

Specifics forms are context-sensitive forms that are embedded into Incident and Service Request records to capture relevant data for the different Categorizations of Incidents and Service Requests.

For example, different details are needed for a printing Incident than for a new computer request. Using Specifics forms allows the Service Desk to capture the exact data to determine a resolution more quickly by either asking scripted questions to lead to the appropriate answer or capture the correct data for subsequent support teams involved in the functional escalation process.

CSM provides the following default Specifics forms:

Service Category Subcategory Specifics Form
E-mail/Calendaring (any category) Submit Incident E-Mail
Employee Support Add/Change Employee Separation Employee Departure
Employee Support Add/Change New Employee Setup New Employee
Employee Support Add/Change Update Employee Update Employee
Desktop Management Computer Request New Computer New Device
Printing (any category) Submit Incident Printer