Using Work Item Actions

There are several Actions associated with the Work Item form to assist with managing Tasks and assist with completion.

  • Take Ownership: Select this link to assign the Task to yourself.
  • View Detailed Date/Time Information: Select this link to view details such as the time and date that the Work Item was created, when it was last edited, and parent record details.
  • Add to My Outlook Calendar: Select this link to add the Task due date to your Outlook calendar.
  • Add to a Downstream Task: Select this link to open a new Task form. Doing so adds an additional dependancy to the parent record. The Downstream Task must be completed after the Work Item it was created from.
  • Link to an Upstream Task: Select this link to select an Upstream Task to link the Work Item to. The Upstream Task must be completed prior to completing the current Work Item.
  • Visualize Task Dependency Flow: Select this link to open a Visualization of all Tasks associated with the parent record in the order that they must be completed.
  • Decline this Task: Select this link to decline the task. The status automatically moves to Closed, and the Close Code is automatically set to Declined.
  • Reassign this Task: Select this link to reassign the task to another team or another user.