CSM 2023.1.1 Fixes List

CSM 2023.1.1 Release Notes: this list describes fixed issues that were reported in previous releases.

Business Object Design Elements

  • DR 50467 Form Arrangements: Fixed an issue where Owned 1-Many relationships did not show the Go To and Quick View buttons in the form arrangement tabs.
  • DR-51221 Grids: Fixed an issue where selecting a row or multiple rows in a Dashboard grid loaded unnecessary information about the record, causing slow performance.
  • DR 51321 Grids: Fixed an issue in the Browser Client where running actions against selected records in a search results grid would sometimes run against the wrong record.
  • DR 51335 Forms: Fixed an issue where fields were disabled on a new record form when switching from a disabled record form.
  • DR 51341 Forms: Fixed an issue with label duplication in Portal Client embedded forms.
  • DR 51342 Forms: The background color is now properly set when a button is enabled.
  • DR 51378 Dashboards: Fixed an issue where abandoning changes in the Portal Client caused a "The given key was not present in the dictionary" error.
  • DR 51503 Grids: Fixed an issue that caused all Business Object grids to sort by "˜Last Modified Date Time" instead of the default sort field set in the grid definition.
  • DR 51515 Blueprints: Fixed an issue where the "Database Command Timeout" property was not updated when publishing the Blueprint.


  • DR 51143 REST API: Added an optional "retrieveHtml" parameter to the REST API "SearchResults" method to specify whether or not the HTML content should be returned.
  • DR 51502 Expressions: Fixed an issue where in some unique scenarios following running One-Step Actions, an expression contained in a One-Step Action lost its operator value when being edited.
  • DR 51521 CMDB: Fixed an issue where using navigation buttons in the grid view opened a record instead of select the previous or next grid row.
  • DR 51538 Attachments: Fixed an issue where CSM did not produce and error when sending an email with an attachment that was open in another application.

One-Step™ Actions

  • DR 51358 One-Step Actions: Fixed an issue with running a One-Step Action on a dashboard button/link against multiple rows selected in a grid widget in the same dashboard.
  • DR 51405 One-Step Actions: Fixed and issue with an unexpected data save event that occurred when a child Business Object was created as a One-Step Action.
  • DR 51516 One-Step Actions: Fixed a context issue when using nested One-Step Actions of type Step-Through-Children with a Decide-Between Action.


  • DR 51076 Searching: Fixed an issue where copying folders in managers (example: Search Manager) produced an error message (folders were ignored when selecting multiple items).
  • DR 51487 Searching: Fixed a security issue when running One-Step Actions under a different security group over 3-tier connection.


  • DR 51266 Health Check: Fixed an issue when running the Network HealthCheck rule over 3-tier connection.
  • DR 51351 Security Groups: The Global Search right is no longer required when editing a search widget from the teams folder.
  • DR 51389 Event Monitor: Fixed an issue in the Email and Event monitor for IMAP where inline images from the email attachments were wrongly attached to the Business Object despite the setting to attach inline images being disabled.
  • DR 51456 Performance: Improved performance of the Manage Delegates dialog.

Web Applications

  • DR 51449 Browser Client: On the Journal toolbar, the "Send Email" button is now enabled/disabled dynamically based on the record selected in the journal grid.
  • DR 51498 Browser Client: The 'Use SAML login' link now redirects to the SAML login page when using internal authentication.
  • DR 51557 Browser Client: A timeout warning dialog now appears even if the CSM Browser Application is not the currently active tab.

Security Fixes

  • CSM-77341 Security: General security fix.
  • CSM-77640 Security: General security fix.