CSM 2023.1.2 Fixes List

CSM 2023.1.2 Release Notes: this list describes fixed issues that were reported in previous releases.

Business Object Design Elements

  • CSM 78326 Fields: Fields in web applications are now highlighted when they receive focus.
  • DR 51348 Dashboards: Fixed an issue when deep linking to dashboards without passing a scope in the URL triggered an error saying the dashboard did not exist.
  • DR 51491 Accessibility: Focus is set back to the OK button in a One-Step Action after a user is selected in the related item picker.
  • DR 51537 Grids: Fixed an issue in the CSM Desktop Client where users could add related fields as columns to grids, but this extended a related group leader to its member fields.
  • DR 51433 Blueprints: Removed an unnecessary ‘All’ option from the New Object context menu when creating Teams within a Blueprint.
  • DR 51552 Rich Text Editor: Fixed issues with the Copy and Paste keyboard shortcut behaviors when using the “Find and Replace” feature.
  • DR 51566 Fields: Fixed an issue with Time Only fields in the CSM Desktop Client when the value is set to 12:00 AM.
  • DR 51579 Controls: Fixed an issue that prevented image controls from overriding the disabled state of read-only Portal forms.

One-Step™ Actions

  • DR 51430 One-Step Actions:Fixed an issue where the "Send Via" account was always used as the FROM address when sending an email from the browser. Added functionality to edit the FROM value and use the address book to set a new value.
  • DR 51532 One-Step Actions: Improved calculation of aggregate expressions involving the evaluation of the current user’s team.


  • DR 51193 Searching: Improved searches involving relationships.


  • DR 51062 Trusted Agents: Fixed Trusted Agent Server memory leak.
  • DR 51426 Database: Fixed an issue where a widget showing minimum/maximum calculation for a text field set to sort as number was not sorting as number.


  • DR 51564 Email: Fixed a UI issue where changing the font of the Template Editor would result in the wrong font being set.
  • DR 51581 Email: The ‘By’ field of journal entries now shows the correct user name when forwarding an email over 3-tier connections.

Security Fixes

  • DR 51370 Security: Fixed an issue where a user's LDAP distinguishedName property was not correctly mapped to the internal System_LDAPPath.
  • DR 51559 Security: Security fix.