CSM 2023.1.3 Fixes List

CSM 2023.1.3 Release Notes: this list describes fixed issues that were reported in previous releases.

Business Object Design Elements

  • DR 51403 Dashboards: Switched the Dashboard Browser widget to WebView2, meaning support for Chromium-based browsers instead of Internet Explorer.
  • DR 51586 Forms: Fixed an issue with validation errors in drop-down lists. Formerly, lists were restricted to 200 records and when validation was enforced, selecting a value not in the drop-down from a further list that populates it resulted in a validation error. This issue is resolved by two new configurable settings in CSM Administrator > System Settings > Advanced that allow the maximum records retrieved for cached and un-cached objects to be configured.
  • DR 51591 Dashboards: Fixed an issue in the CSM Desktop Client where dashboard chart widgets would continuously load preventing the ability to drill down into the results.
  • DR 51598 Dashboards: Fixed a display issue with borders of ellipse shapes on dashboards in the Browser Client.
  • DR 51603 Grids: Fixed an issue where exporting Knowledge Articles from a grid caused an error.
  • DR 51604 Grids: Fixed an issue in the CSM Browser Client where users could add related fields as columns to grids, but this extended a related group leader to its member fields. Also resolved an issue that caused grids to disappear when these columns were added.

One-Step™ Actions

  • DR 51319 One-Step Actions: Fixed an issue where folder locations were note displayed when searching within manager dialogs. Also fixed an issue where the sorting indicator appeared against the wrong column in the grid.

  • DR 51602 One-Step Actions: Fixed an issue where the Find Dependency lookup from an Action Block did not find any dependencies when that action block was used within a Decide Between Case step of another One-Step Action.


  • DR 50935 Automation Processes: The “Record was just changed” banner is no longer displayed on a record form when an email is sent by an automation process in Service Host, and the history is configured not to be saved on the ‘Send an email’ action.
  • DR 51499 Installer: Changed CSM Desktop Client installer to deliver all localized dictionaries for all installer localization options.

  • DR 51501 REST API: Introduced a limit on the image size parameter values for the “getgalleryimage” end-point; the new maximum values are 3840 x 2160 pixels.

  • DR 51545 Trusted Agent: Fixed an object reference error when setting up External Data which caused a default value to be used instead of the configured timeout value.

  • DR 51588 Expressions: Fixed an issue where comparing two datetime values very far apart resulted in incorrect calculations.

  • DR 51608 Trusted Agent: Fixed an issue with Trusted Agent operations leaking memory due to not being disposed when run successfully.


  • DR 51450 Email: Fixed an issue where line breaks were replaced with “<br>” when processing plain text emails.

Security Fixes

  • DR 51471 Security: Improved character support for Portal passwords.

  • DR 51611 Security Fix: Addressed more permission issues when editing widget searches under the “Team” folder.