CSM 2023.1 Fixes List

CSM 2023.1 Release Notes: this list describes fixed issues that were reported in previous releases.

Business Object Design Elements

  • CSM-77979 Grids: Fixed an issue where column widths were not saved when a user resized a column(s) in the Browser Client results grid.
  • DR 51017 Grids: Grid grouping now returns accurate group size values when "All" is selected in the page size drop-down menu.
  • DR 51037 Images: Improved the image manager loading time.
  • DR 51301 Grids: Fixed two issues with grids:

    • Sorting by a DateTime field while grouping by another DateTime field now sorts the results correctly.
    • Grouping a DateTime field and adding a sub-group of another field now lists results under the correct sub-group.

  • DR 51322 Grids: Fixed an issue that caused users to be required to scroll far down the page to use the horizontal scrollbars on Results Lists grids. Results Lists grids should now be properly sized based on the viewable window area, making the horizontal scrollbar more easily accessible.
  • DR 51368 Fields: Fixed an issue with the Desktop Client DateTime control where deleting values in time blocks caused incorrect values to be set. Fixed some general cursor positioning issues on the control.
  • DR 51371 Forms: Fixed an issue with the header (langauge selector) in the Browser Client. The header was missing after refreshing the page or selecting a different language.
  • DR 51394 Forms: Users can no longer interact with a disabled ListBox control.
  • DR 51431 Related Item Navigation: Fixed an issue with the Browser Client that caused scrollbars not to appear on small window sizes when Related Item Navigation was present on a Business Object form.


  • CSM-77697 Attachments: Fixed an issue where email composed in the Related Items area of a Business Object did not have access to files attached to the Business Object.
  • DR 13681 Time Zones: Reports in the Browser Client now show correct client date/time values.
  • DR 51309 Accessibility: Fixed an issue where vertical scrollbar would not display on the list of Teams and Workgroups when using a language other than English or French.
  • DR 51313 Modifiers: Resolved an issue with the "Replace" text modifier when using a square bracket.
  • DR 51396 API: Improved search execution related to PowerBI reporting by preventing an object reference error.
  • DR 51429 Performance: Improved performance on forms using the new lifecycle feature.
  • DR 51456 Performance: Improved performance of the Manage Delegates dialog
  • CSM-77995 Searching: The Query Builder's Name and Description boxes are now more visible.

One-Step™ Actions

  • DR 51085 One-Step Actions: Fixed an issue where selecting records in a results list when viewed as links would not allow One-Step Actions or context actions to run.
  • DR 51498 One-Step Actions: ImpersonatingOneStepKey HTTP header is only passed if it has a value.


  • DR 51513 Email Monitoring: Attachments of the .msg type can now be processed when using the MS Graph API.

Installation and Upgrade

  • DR 51330 Installer: References to webforms on the installer have been removed from all languages.

Web Applications

  • DR 51452 Dashboards: Changed all browser server/API calls to asynchronous to increase performance and load times across the Portal and Browser Client.
  • DR 51457 Browser Client: Sessions no longer time out prematurely when auto-release license option is enabled.
  • DR 51461 Web Clients: Resolved a display issue with widget borders on browsers using the latest Chromium version.

Security Fixes

  • CSM-77341 Security: General security fix.
  • CSM-77640 Security: General security fix.