CSM 2023.3 Enhancements List

CSM 2023.3 Release Notes: enhancements include new features and changes in functionality.

One-Step™ Actions

  • CSM-74762 One-Step Actions: The Go to a Field Action now supports additional fields.


  • CSM-78318 Email: The Email Monitor now supports nested attachments when processing Microsoft Graph Exchange accounts.

    When a monitor connected to an Exchange email account using MS Graph is configured to attach the e-mail attachments to the business object, when an email is processed, if the attachment is a saved email (.msg file in Outlook) that saved email’s attachments (if any exist) will now be attached to the business object.


  • CSM-78158 Data Export: You can now export Security Groups, Roles, and Teams to .csv files.
  • CSM-78176 Business Objects: You can now archive Business Object records.